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London, England
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  • Roberto
    Hi SDRF,

    First of all please excuse me, I have been very busy in the last weeks and I didn't see your email, but thank you very much for your appreciation, you are very kind.
    Sorry I don't do stickers on demand and I won't do stickers no more in the future, so, all you can buy is just what you see. Here there are some informations about my products, hoping you are still interested in them.

    Each stickers sheet costs 7,60€, shipping is 6,50€. Furthermore, I do special prices for larger orders and these are the offers I can make for you:

    - 2016 pack stickers (all 22 drivers) 7,60€ x 22 = 167,20€ + shipping cost . I can make for you only 150€ (shipping cost included obviously)

    - 1990 pack stickers (all 4 drivers) 7,60€ x 4 = 30,40€ + shipping cost.

    - 2006 pack stickers Same as 1990 ones.

    If you are interested in all 3 packs of my stickers I can make you a special price of 200€ (shipping cost included).
    I really couldn't ask you less of this. I hope you can understand making all these stickers by myself was a titanic work and I have at least to cover the typography cost. I can guarantee that my stickers are a top quality product and that I didn't care of expense when searching for best quality possible.

    One last thing: the 2016 Ferrari stickers are not complete, they are only an integration to the original ones coming with Ferrari F14T & truck official Lego Speed Champions set. You need those stickers to complete the livery. In any case, you can get them for cheap from Bricklink.

    For the payment I accept Paypal.
    At the moment of purchase I'll send to your email address all the Lego Digital Designer files of my cars.
    So, please be free to make my any other questions and just make me know if you are interested in my offers.

    Again sorry for the delay.

    Kind regards,
    Roberto Bovelli

    March 2
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