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Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West
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Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West
  • Re: New parts discussion

    Aanchir said:
    Aanchir said:
    Aanchir said:
    And those funhouse mirrors!

    (And a "Forever Sorting 2" DVD. Honestly, that's making me want to buy the set more)
    Those are not mirrors, but a sticker on curvy panels from the looks of things.
    I think they still count as mirrors whether they're stickers or not? I mean, most LEGO mirrors are stickers — I'm pretty sure the one in Detective's Office was one of the first that wasn't.

    Now, if it were a sticker like in #4702 or #4721 that just had a picture of what its reflection was supposed to be, rather than an actual mirrored surface, then I'd agree — not mirrors. But these stickers seem to have an actual mirror finish.
    Its a sticker, not a part per se. Now, before you go on your hour long dissertation about how a sticker can be a part, I do not recall seeing any references to stickers in this thread, only plastic pieces. Now, maybe I'm wrong about that (and stickers have been referenced in this thread) and if so, then I will apologize. However, to my recollection, this thread is actually LEGO pieces that are new, otherwise we would be seeing every sticker sheet that is in a new set in this thread.
    Even so, I got the impression that when he referred to "funhouse mirrors" he was referring to the sticker and the panel together, and not one or the other. The panel is unquestionably a new part, with or without the sticker.....

    Got it. First, you called me out for critiquing someone saying the mirror sticker was a new part. NOW, because your mirror argument is invalidated, you switch to the fact I failed to mention the wavy panel part was not new.
    Sure, I did not mention the panel itself, but did I ever mention the wavy panel was NOT a new part? No. I figured people would understand I was only talking about the sticker, but I forgot some people need everything spelled out for them.
    It just seemed a confusing thing for you to have to spell out in the first place. @NeilCrosby said the funhouse mirrors were new. That statement was correct whether he was talking about the sticker, the piece, or both. Why insist that he's wrong, and that the mirrors he's excited about aren't real mirrors?

    I'm getting a strong feeling you resent me, even though nothing in this conversation has merited the "hour-long dissertation" you seem to think I'll take any excuse to make. You made a confusing statement, I questioned it, and you doubled down. Nothing I've said here has been the least bit malicious and I'm frustrated that you feel the need to talk down to me.
    Doubled down on what? I simply said that the mirrors are stickers on a curvy panel, you are the one that took it down the rabbit hole.

    I refuse to get involved any further in one of your spinning debates (seriously, get into politics, I think you would be great).  Yeah, I made a comment speaking towards about how pedantic you can be.. Am I wrong? I dunno, I think most who have seen your commenting on the forum can attest to this.

    Sorry I did not think, and write to account, of every possible outcome of a comment because you would read it at some point. "IMO (and I'm guessing the opinion of many in this thread) stickers are not parts; the curvy part is a new part." Happy?  There, you won the internet. Congrats.
    Weird how the comments create a sort of "fun mirror" of replies.
    (if it compresses for you, click on previous quotes to see it)
  • Re: [US] S@H Deals

    @ryjay I'd say 10-20%. Add Lego Store purchases to it and it'd be around 30-40%.
  • Re: Dare I say, Walmart?

    Hanzo said:
    MegtheCat said:
    ^My store has made this easy by moving the Lego to the same aisle with the price scanner.
    I'd still grab the Walmart app, that way you can scan on the move.  High speed low drag!
    I use the app too; tired of stocking up a cart and going back and forth.

    another perk of the app is once you scan an item, related items show up and you can see what they’re selling for in the same store. 

    Saves time. 
  • Re: [US] Toys Я Us Deals

    ericb said:

    But I did manage to find a Hydra Fortress smash that scanned for $0.03!
    When the lady at the register rang it up, she said: "I can't sell this to you, but I can give it to you for free. It was supposed to be a donated item (don't know what that means...)." Seeing that I paid $50+, I'll take any "donation" from TRU!
    You could donate the set to a charitable organization who will in turn get it into the hands of a less fortunate child.  That would make a kid's day.
    Great idea.
    Though I did not have that set yet, I will donate a duplicate set I do have!
  • Re: [US] Toys Я Us Deals

    jmeninno said:
    ^ and ^^...TEACH ME
    Lesson One: SCAN EVERYTHING.
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