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Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West
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Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West
  • Re: Dare I say, Walmart?

    Decided to try my luck at a local store while on vacation this week. A very off the beaten path type store. I figured they'd either have a ton of stuff, or nothing. 

    My first glance of the clearance aisle got my hopes up for my first mega haul. Set after set with that beautiful clearance sticker on them. Star Wars, Batman, Friends, City, Super Hero, Disney, it seemed too good to be true. 

    I grabbed the first set (a small Batman set) and saw the clearance price was $1 less than normal retail. Undeterred, I picked up the next set... marked at clearance with the normal retail price. I looked at about 20 more sets, all with prices at retail, or $1-$3 below retail. 

    That's when I decided to scan everything per the suggestions I've ran across here. I had a cart FULL of sets, including the bottom level. Everything scanned the same as the sticker. Utter disappointment. The only deal i found was The Phantom for $10...but I'm not a big follower of SW Rebels. 

    I ended up scanning a regularly priced Y-Wing Attack and saw it came to $30. I was too disappointed that I didn't even get that (although I'm pretty sure my wife went back and got it for me for my birthday).

    I'll just keep repeating in my head, "Next time. Next time."

    Save yourself some time: download the Walmart app and scan with your phone.

    It's easier than loading up a cart and returning each box...
  • Re: So....why no Star Trek Licensed sets?

    ryjay said:

    Here is the youtube link
    I've seen it in person too, and it was well done.
    You shouldn't even try to overthink it; just enjoy the build and angle he took.
  • Re: What are you buying right now ?

    Walmart clearances have been good.
    its tough to find heavily discounted items in the Bay Area, but when you do snag em.
  • Re: Which set took you out of your dark age?

    It was around 2008.

    Lego Star Wars, Clone Wars

    Either it was the #7676 Republic Attack Gunship or #7675 AT-TE Walker.

    I ended picking them up later, used.
    But those were the ones that really drew my attention back to Lego SW.
    I ended up buying SW sets at Borders bookstores with their 20-30% coupon email offers.
  • Re: [US] Polys in the wild...

    SumoLego said:
    That would be consistent with TRU policy - don't sell product when there is high demand.

    Instead, hide them until nobody wants them, and put 'em on clearance for $1.99 eight months from now.

    When they find out Lego has retired the product, the $5 TRU hike becomes a $10-15 bump!
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