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  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    up to now the modular have been 1920's-30's.
    that if real look's 1960's. if real maybe the next 10 years will be 1960's themed?

    The modulars have never been based on one specific place or time, that's only ever been fan speculation. Green Grocer had floor-length coolers with glass doors, something that (as far as I know) didn't exist in the 20s or 30s.
  • Re: General Nexo Knights Discussion

    Just noticed out of the four sets for next year two feature Aaron and none with Lance or Macy. Seems a bit odd. Perhaps some of the line got cut as it isn't a hot seller or held back for store exclusives?
    Even though it didn't get official pics on Brickset at the same time as all the others, someone on Eurobricks has already found Lance's Hover Jouster in a store:

    Macy is still absent from the sets we've seen so far, but it's worth noting that while Brickset only has six sets listed for Nexo Knights 2018 at the moment, there are SEVEN golden Merlok powers shown on the back of the new boxes. So there would seem to be at least one set yet to be announced — probably either a later release or a store exclusive. Hopefully it also includes Ava!
  • Re: CMF The Lego Batman Movie Series 2

    SumoLego said:
    Another TLBM Series seems too little, too late. The Lego Batman Movie is long gone...that train has left the station. I'm looking forward to the next regular series of collectable minifigures.
    One would think S2 would have coincided with the DVD release?  (That may have been too close, and stepped on the toes of TLNM.)

    Either way, I agree.  A most curious choice.  Maybe they thought they missed an opprotunity by not doing a S2 for TLM?
    I think to a certain extent they're counting on the timelessness of the Batman brand to drive demand. There never seems to be any shortage of demand for Batman sets, whether they tie in with a current movie or not.
  • Re: General Ninjago Discussion

    Non-watermarked pics of some of the Sons of Garmadon sets are out! No idea where they come from but since they don't have watermarks I figure it's probably safe to discuss them here instead of the leaks thread.

    Loving the new ninja vehicles and costumes, as well as the bad guy vehicles. The Spinjitzu Masters sets and the associated costumes are also pretty excellent. Still no finalized pics of the biggest set, the Temple of Resurrection, but I have high hopes for that one having seen the prelims.
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Bit of a late update, but Thursday was the opening of the LEGO exhibition at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center! My classes this semester have been stressful so I didn’t have an opportunity to make anything new for the contest, so I entered my MOC from this summer, PAIGE:

    She actually won both “Most Creative” and “Best Craftsmanship” in the Adult age bracket, but that’s not as impressive as it sounds since I was the only person to submit anything in that age bracket… the only other adults to enter did so as an adult/child team, which has its own separate age bracket. I did get a lot of positive feedback for her, though, including from the museum director!
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