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  • Re: What are you building right now?

    pharmjod said:
    I'm curious to see what the community does with the printed dome piece once it is widely available. I expect to see some pretty nice r2 mocs.
    It'd also be neat to see people try and build other droids to the same scale.
  • Re: [US] Toys Я Us Deals

    SirBen said:
    This seems like an appropriate event for April Fool's Day:

    I don't want to even consider it but does this signify that TRU will no longer due Lego events? :|
    No. They've had Mega Bloks events before; there was one in 2014 for the SpongeBob SquarePants theme. It's only the "first ever Mega Construx event" because "Mega Construx" didn't exist as a brand until recently.

    I won't be able to attend this, which is kind of a shame since freebie events like this are a good opportunity to see what Mega's quality is like without having to pay for the stuff.
  • Re: Women of NASA - Can of Worms

    Judging from past Ideas sets, I figure all the designs will be printed unless they go on parts/surfaces that LEGO doesn't already have printing machine fittings for.
  • Re: LEGO fight Against Chinese counterfeit LEGO

    I'm not at all convinced that Lepin branding is not deceptive just because they spell their brand names differently. Their logos and brands are unmistakably designed to resemble their more legitimate counterparts, and an average buyer who had no prior knowledge of Lepin might understandably think they were a legitimate subsidiary of LEGO. Even more so if they don't read English and identify logos more by their shape than by their text. Imagine you were looking at a Japanese "Pocket Monsters" logo and a look-alike logo that was spelled differently. Unless you could read Japanese, how would you know which was legitimate?

    Even actual AFOLs have occasionally succumbed to the belief that Lepin is secretly owned and manufactured by LEGO in some sort of off-the-books arrangement to control the East Asian building toys market. It's hard, then, to argue that somebody who knows little about LEGO should know with certainty that LEGO and Lepin, with their near-identical branding, are separate, competing companies.
  • Re: Lego On TV programs.

    SumoLego said:
    I find it baffling that the moderators would ban someome that provides advance (and accurate) information with regard to the hobby.

    But, whatever.  I'm surr I'd be banned in advance if I actually attempted to contribute to their forum.
    I think that may have been a factor in him being banned — while Eurobricks sort of turned a blind eye to leaked photos for a while, a couple years ago they started taking them more seriously, and I think CM4S at least received some warnings about sharing drawings of stuff from retailers' catalogs to skirt the "no photos or scans of stuff marked confidential" policy. Even if it was for the good of the community, it was still playing pretty loose with the site rules.

    I have never had any difficulty contributing there without trouble from the admins, but I tend to have a pretty "play-it-safe" attitude. I am aware that people have gotten into trouble for not-so-valid reasons and that other people have gotten away with crap that probably should've gotten some sterner repercussions, so I'm not gonna pretend it's a bastion of fairness, but I also am not sure the reputation they seem to have here of banning people willy-nilly is quite warranted.
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