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  • Re: I Chose This Username Because...

    ^ Can't see the LEGO logo on your single stud, are you sure it isn't a bootleg?

    Did you miss all the hubbub when the IAU determined that Pluto wasn't a real planet? That was one of the sticking points — no logo.
  • Re: Star wars constraction / storm trooper / speederbike // bought this morning

    Yeah, an irritating thing about the Rey figure is that it has that headscarf, which both limits the posability of the set and makes the head harder to use for non–Star Wars MOCs. Even if you build Rey's Speeder to scale with the buildable figures, that issue keeps you from posing her in a really natural way on it. I kind of hope we get a new Rey buildable figure for The Last Jedi without the headgear.

    These sets are definitely pretty cool, and it's cool to get a constraction vehicle set again after so long (last one aside from the minifigure-scale "Invasion from Below" battle machines was a Hero Factory jet pack in 2013). The speeder bike seems to be priced pretty fairly even compared to Bionicle vehicle sets from nearly ten years ago. I do wish the supports underneath used the same sorts of transparent beams as #7962.
  • Re: LEGO fight Against Chinese counterfeit LEGO

    Wh… why do they all have faces that fold open with weird robot faces underneath? o_O
  • Re: LEGO Ideas: Share your submissions here.

    Gman said:

    I just saw a really messed up idea on the front page. It's gaining support fast and It clearly goes against the guidelines so why hasn't lego removed it yet? I hope lego doesn't accidentally make it into an official set.

    I guess you mean RuPaul's Brick Race? I have to admit I'm not a fan — never watched Drag Race and most of what I hear about it is that RuPaul occasionally says some sort of gross, transphobic stuff that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. I'm not sure if the project violates any specific Ideas guidelines, though.

    In any case if it gets to 10,000 I don't expect it to pass review, because even if the idea of a crossdressing-themed toy isn't inherently problematic, LEGO doesn't like to court controversy.
  • Re: Star Wars CMF Series in the works?

    Shib said:

    ^ I've heard this before as the reason for fridge magnet figs being glued and Funko pops having to be bobble head for Marvel and Star Wars characters, but I find it odd that they'd have a problem with minifigs and not have a problem with the constraction figures which seem much more like competition for the action figure market to me.

    In terms of audience, that's probably correct, but I think from a legal standpoint it's probably easier to argue that an eighty-some-piece figure qualifies as a "building set" (and falls under a license for the same) than a four– to eight-piece figure.
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