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  • Re: The LEGO Ninjago Movie sets

    Recce said:
    Not sure if it's appropriate to post in this thread, but there is a much better version of the Lloyd dragon done by a clone brand.

    Probably can use Lego to build it if can get hold of the instructions, it's about 92cm long using 1443 pcs.

    It seems like the Saturn V is being defiled. 
  • Re: Coming Back to Lego, First-Time Poster

    Since you definitely seem to have the computer savvy and talent for putting these designs together, you could always help your LEGO budget by creating digital designs, an inventory list of parts, and digital instructions for the creation. There are sites where you can sell them, or you can sell them on your own on eBay or a personal website. Rebrickable and Mocpages are two good places to take a look at what other people are doing with making their own creations. 
  • Re: [US] Sales at Amazon

    My last order from Prime Day arrived yesterday evening (I was one of the people who ruined it for everyone else). I was able to get GBHQ, Millenium Falcon, Helicarrier, 2x Brick Bank, Silent Mary, and the Ultimate Batmobile. The HQ is the one I am most excited about because I have wanted that set since I first knew about it, but $350 is always a difficult amount to shell out for one set.

    When my wife saw the boxes arrive, there was a little bit of a freak-out moment on her face because she has learned how much these "big ones" cost, but after explaining the discounts and that I could basically sell the Helicarrier to someone for 20% RRP and its profit would completely pay for the HQ and MF, she ended up being okay.  
  • Re: [US] Sales at Amazon

    thenos said:
    Honestly I thought they'd be cancelled. I wish I'd thought of the DS and the Helicarrier I'd been wanting, but snagged an Assembly Square, Big Ben and Slave I. 

    I'm still a little in shock it went through. 
    Once I realized this weird glitch was working, I panicked, especially when it wasn't consistently working and if I added two of something, everything would show up full price, but if I deleted one, everything would drop down. I couldn't get Assembly Square to work for some reason. Had I had a plan going in, I would have ordered differently (and more).

    First order is due to arrive today. I hope it's not just a large, mostly empty box with a note in it from Jeff Bezos that reads, "Don't f*** with me." 
  • Re: [US] Sales at Amazon

    I think there are going to be a lot of cancelled orders, or else I really do have a Brick Bank, Slave 1, Silent Mary, and Ultimate Batmobile heading to me for less than $250.
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