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  • Re: [US] S@H Deals

    I may regret this but I just pulled the trigger on the Jokers Manor for the Tears/Disco batman bag, Master Wu Keychain, London Bus, and VIP set with double points.
    Hey, if you were planning on ever getting the set from S@H, I can't think of a better time with all of the extras. Imagine just getting one set by itself in the mail :shudders: You don't want it to be lonely in the box. 
  • Re: Brickset Bendybadger Bonusball Bonanza - Snowhitie edition

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Carol of the Bells helps making setting up the tree seem like a more Herculean effort. 
  • Re: [US] S@H Deals

    KingAlanI said:
    Are the keychain, bus and VIP set also available at LEGO stores?
    Now I'm tempted to get Saturn V, though I probably shouldn't.
    It's not available elsewhere under MSRP, so buying from S@H is relatively more attractive.
    I don't know if these are available in stores, too. I generally don't go to the LEGO store because it is out of my way and the tax there (Cook County in Illinois) is higher than anywhere else around me. 
  • Re: [US] S@H Deals

    If you are still looking for a Saturn V, now seems like a good time to get it. In stock on LEGO SAH with a promotion for a free Master Wu keychain, London Bus, Double VIP, and (if you add 5 dollars to your shopping cart), the Iconic VIP set. 
  • Re: DISplay is worse than play?!

    FSeal said:
    Hehe, in the early 70's we were utterly brutal with our Lego brick play. One of our favorite things to do was to build airplanes then throw them like they were flying and watch them hit the ground and explode. Another bit of fun was to build these largish catamaran like things, built entirely sideways so that the smooth edge of the bricks were downward on the carpet. After an hour or so of building our masterpieces, we'd get on either end of the living room and HUCK them sliding down the carpet as fast as we could get them to go towards each other till they exploded on contact in the middle.

    I can't remember ever breaking a brick. We lost them as they would fly everywhere and get stuck behind furniture and who knows where.

    Trying that with someone Lego knock off set however instantly cracked bricks and we never did anything like that with them again.

    They were pretty much all 1x and 2x full bricks,  plates and wedges. Even then we were amazed at how strong they were, the only toy we couldn't break :D
    My parents' backyard had a place that would flood during heavy rains, so my brother and I would build ships out of bricks/plates (no hulls) while it was raining, and then when it stopped, we'd set up our ships on the newly created pond. We would each load up on clumps of mud, stand about 40 feet away, and lob the clods until only one person's ship remained afloat. 
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