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  • Re: Predictions on Discontinuing Sets and their Secondary Market Value

    nhyone said:
    A buys a set from TLG for $100. B buys it from him for $200 in the secondary market. A then buys another set from TLG again for $100 to repeat the cycle.

    I'm sure TLG would rather get the whole $200 from B.
    So long as B was able to purchase during the retail lifetime of the product (and they are not all purchased by resellers to corner the market), I doubt lego actually care whether they get the money from A or B.

    Why is B buying it at such a mark-up? It is because LEGO are not selling to him (at retail price), and this could be that (i) the product is retired or (ii) it is current but they have location restrictions on the sale or (iii) it is current but out of stock at retail. All three of these are down to faults by LEGO.

  • Re: LEGO #21312 Women of NASA Set- Pictures and Set Info

    tamamahm said:
    It is also why some places focus on STEAM instead of STEM, due to the recognition that the creativity of the arts is truly becoming more and more an important aspects of these fields, and a primary differentiator in products.
    Soon the world will come full circle and realise that what kids need is what used to be called a broad education. Add languages, and we can have a METALS programme.
  • Re: Tips on how to start selling sets on bricklink?

    I see a few problems:

    You haven't got much stock.

    What you have is a bit random, no theme between the sets.

    What you have (new) is not the cheapest, why pay more from a new seller when an established seller is selling it cheaper?

    You are new (this can hamper sellers of used parts / sets). No record of what your quality control is like.

  • Re: Predictions on Discontinuing Sets and their Secondary Market Value

    Hanzo said:
    It was my understanding Lego publicly dislikes resellers, even to the point of banning them from ordering on S@H.  That not true? 
    I don't think they have publicly banned anyone, it tends to be private. And no, I don't think they do dislike resellers. They dislike some resellers, the ones that tend to buy large amounts of current stock to profit from it at certain pinch points such as Xmas (as in the minecraft saga), when they get complaints that current sets are not available but are on ebay. I don't think they care about resellers of stock they are wanting to get rid of at the end of its retail life.
  • Re: Predictions on Discontinuing Sets and their Secondary Market Value

    ryjay said:

    Cars were often, and still are, purchase based on resale value in the secondary market.  Car makers benefit from this...heck, sale people even use that as a selling feature when trying to make a sale at the dealership, yet receive no money off of the resale.

    Yes, that is the argument that you pay a premium for this brand, as it has great resale value down the line. While LEGO may not actually state this, they know it is true and is probably one of the reasons they charge such high prices.
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