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  • Re: Predictions on Discontinuing Sets and their Secondary Market Value

    CCC said:
    The problem is really good doesn't necessarily translate to does well in the aftermarket.

    Really good sets = everyone thinks they will do well = lots of resellers buy in = lower prices than might have been expected for resellers

    Less good sets = people don't think they will do as well = less resellers = better prices (although smaller volume of sales) for resellers

    Crap set = people don't think they will do well = a few people will buy at clearance for resale and many get parted out = sporadic pricing on aftermarket with very low volume

    There is a fine balance between how much stuff is held for later resale and its rise in price.

    This with a multiplying factor of shelf life. Surprise early retirement v.s long haul never retires. 
  • Re: Nearly 1000 labels to organize your growing LEGO Collection...

    I had shared this image in the 2016 accomplishments thread, although I didn't give @henrysunset his due credit. These labels are amazing! He's done 90% of the work and packaged them into a super easy to use format. I'm so grateful you've shared them with us! 

    I purchased 8 60 Drawer units locally here in Canada from Canadian Tire (Mastercraft brand), giving me 480 drawers. I only Purchased these because the much more desirable Akro-Mills were outside my price range locally. I also Purchased a Brother PTD450 P-Touch Label printer and 2 rolls of 12mm white generic P-Touch compatible Tape.  

    It took me about a week of evenings to print, cut, and apply the labels. Then I started slowly moving my various sorted bricks into each bin.  

    I keep all my basic 1xX and 2xX bricks and plates in the ArtBin Super Satchel organizers on a 15" deep Ikea Billy Bookcase on the right of the photo. I also currently have all my technic in super satchels as well. 

    The drawers house almost every other element that's smaller than a drawer. When a drawer gets filled I would divide out monochrome from color. If I had 100's of 1 element I would remove all but a couple then put those into storage away from my build space but made note in the drawer that I have x more of that color in storage. 

    When applying the labels I used the full width of the four bins ignoring the different cabinets, I generally kept modified plates on the left and modified bricks on the right trying to leave a couple empty drawers in the centre for expansion. 

    480 got the majority of my collection organized, but I did run out of space near the end and have a couple more drawer units hidden by the bookcase. But hey it's forever a work in progress. 

    Thanks again Tom!
  • Re: Brickset Bonus Ball Birthday Bonanza (my birthday not Brickset's)

    The year I was Born, @bendybadger turned 20. 
  • Re: 2016 Brickset Secret Santa

    Thank you very much Secret Santa! 

    I arrived home Yesterday to a large parcel addressed to CupIsHalfEmpty which arrived a couple days late but I blame that on the Holiday Blizzard we had. It was a perfect post holiday pick me up. I had no idea that Ghirardelli chocolate was from the coast of California, what a wonderful treat. I don't have any of the sets, and I can't wait to add the Hot Dog stand to my amusement park display. Thank you.  
  • Re: The "brag" thread: Post your recent great finds!

    SumoLego said:
    Just picked up this sealed Islanders set #6256 from 1994 for £10. Love it!! - The dilemma now is whether to open it or not :)
    Open it!

    (Gasp!  Did I just say that?!??)
    I agree, open it! and record the crinkly sound those perforated bags make. Sigh, the nostalgia of my childhood :D 
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