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  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    Of course the other trend lately is rehashes, so there's probably a 10% chance its Cafe Corner 2.0.   But I really hope not.
  • Re: Fairy Bricks Mosaics

    The BrickFest Live giant mosaic uses 4x4 plates instead of 2x2 bricks.  They have baseplates with 2x plate strips glued on, so when the 4x4 plates are placed by the kids, there is a 1 plate high channel between the baseplate and the mosaic plates.  To debrick, they use metal rods, slip them in the channels, and pop the plates off.  They can clear the mosaic and reset in about an hour.  
  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    10 years in, Jamie's got to be thinking "what does modular town still need?"
    - Police Station/Donut Shop
    - Car Dealership/Gas Station
    - Hospital
    - Toy Store (Lego Store)
    - Home Improvement Store
    - Grocery Store (full size, not just the "greens")

    Given that the trend is multi-use buildings, I think a combo option is most likely.  As much as I'd like to see a dedicated 32x32 build for any of those as singles, I don't think it will happen.
  • Re: LEGO Parts Bulk Order Form

    No harm to submit the form.  Someone reviews it manually and will let you know if the order is possible.  Prices will generally be the same as you see in PaB/BnP.  The orders are filled from a different warehouse than BnP, so there's no way to verify the stock in advance. 

    There's always Bricklink....
  • Re: Brick Fest Live

    Hanzo said:
    Figured I'd just ask here instead of starting a new thread.  Grabbed some tickets to an upcoming Brick Fest Live event in Richmond Virginia in October.  Not sure what to expect, it looks like it will be fun to take my daughter to, but people are saying the events vary greatly from venue to venue even though it's ran by the same organizer and that some are pretty lackluster.

    I opted for regular tickets, think 4 hours is enough or should I have gone for the VIP since it lets you stay the full day?

    How are prices at these shows as far as vendors go?  Should I expect not to find any deals?
    4 hours is plenty.  Despite the timed ticket, you don't actually have to leave at the end of your 4 hours.  The VIP ticket lets you get in before the larger crowd so the lines for some of the activities will be shorter, but many of the activities are open with no line.  Only the race car challenge and the mini golf really get lines.

    As for the merchants, they vary by location.  In general, don't expect any deals on normal retail products, but there are a variety of retired items, custom items, etc. that you may not find elsewhere.  

    Have fun!
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