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  • Re: Coming Back to Lego, First-Time Poster

    The Dragon eggs are a little "Meh" in my book but if they could "crack" open and have a dragonette inside, that would be something to get excited about!

    You're right, the eggs are pretty "meh"(and that's being generous).  I'm hoping that their housing box will save the overall model, but in this case I'm trying to make a model that I can actually afford to put together in real life, and I'm trying to work on a slightly less detailed scale...however, working at said scale makes the model look a little too "blocky" for my tastes, and I may just start over.

    The hatch-able idea for the eggs is interesting though...I think I may "try" to figure out how to build that...have NO idea how to do it right now though, so I think I'll finish the initial model first before I go back and amend...I just like to finish things I've started(OCD, sorry, lol).
    - - -

    Thanks to everyone else for all of the encouraging words though.  Thanks to you all.  =)

    - - -
    @Jackad7 ; --  That is a WONDERFUL idea!!!  For now, the idea of doing the entire opening map is a little daunting (but EVENTUALLY maybe).  As for right now, maybe just one house's home(like maybe starting out with Winterfell, for example, and then working from there).  I would like to reiterate, I'm just starting out with modeling, so it may take me a while to learn all of the necessary methods of construction to create such a structure.  =(

  • Re: Coming Back to Lego, First-Time Poster

    Thanks much!

    I have a few ideas for my next model, but I'm having trouble getting ideas that I "might" be able to afford to actually build in real life, hah.

    Right now, I think the next project I'm going to work on is a rendition of the dragon eggs from "Game of Thrones".  Already made the eggs, now I just need to work on the box.  I'm trying to work on a more modest scale, so the eggs look a little more blocky than I'd like.  =(

  • Coming Back to Lego, First-Time Poster

    Hello all!

    Just coming back to Lego as a hobby for the first time since I was a kid, and decided I really wanted to go in depth with it this time.

    I'm disabled due to epilepsy, so I don't have much income.  Since my hobbies aren't something I "need", the only money I allow myself to spend on them is the little I earn from doing computer repair for local people in my home town.  As a result, I thought to myself, build models in LDD or and then just buy the individual bricks that I absolutely need, instead of piecing together bricks from various sets.

    Well...the first model I built(coming in at 6159 pieces) is still WAY beyond what I could ever afford, I guess it will have to forever stay in the digital world. 

    Regardless, I felt like showing a screen capture of what the model looked like.  I think my next model will have to be planned out to be a little more modest on needed pieces, lol.


    Anywho...thoughts?  Good, bad, or "meh" for my first try at a legitimate model of my own creation?  Thanks in advance.  =)

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