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  • Re: Anyone seen this before - Fake LEGO hands?

    Back before TLG brought out the 10219 Maersk Train in 2011, the Maersk blue construction helmets were very rare, and sold for hundreds of dollars.  So someone came out with a knockoff fake helmet back about 8 years ago... and here was how to tell the difference.  Of course the point is moot now, since new helmets cost just a fraction of their pre 2011 price.

    The world of fake LEGO has been around for a while....

    From my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide chapter on LEGO Fakes & Counterfeits.

  • Re: Question on OLD (1960s) Lego

    Thanks @sonsofsceva !  Over 50 years with LEGO helped in that regard!  ;-)

    Next year a 9 volume LEGO book series will be coming out (in Chinese for China market, and also in English for the USA/Canada market).  My favorite things are those that you won't find in the LEGO Archives.... :-)

    Just need to find a sponsor for the Britain/Australia market... :-D
  • Re: Question on OLD (1960s) Lego

    The only German Christmas item from the 1960s was this Christmas 1964 LEGO promotional set, that consisted only of bricks held in mini-boxes with Christmasy shaped openings.  This is the only remotely German LEGO item from the 1960s.  There was a Danish version as well.....

    Shown... outer box and inner boxes.... from my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide.
  • Re: Lego Burglaries from Homes?

    At first I was skeptical that burglars would bother taking LEGO, because they couldn't pawn it off for quick cash.  But maybe we are now dealing with a different type of burglar (I hate to say it).... one that is a collector, or one that knows the value of a friends or acquaintances collection.

    Are we now at the point where we have to keep knowledge of our collections a secret?  We tall total strangers here on forums what we have.... as well as friends, acquaintances and families.... 

    Maybe our collection boasting days should be numbered!!  :-(

  • Re: Is this the high water mark for Lego

    @LusiferSam , I agree with you!   One problem that TLG has caused with the thousands of new parts, and so many new colors... is that they got away from their "SYSTEM"... where you could buy a bunch of related parts in the same color for a MOC build.  Even Bricklink can't fix that.

    For example... the 3x3 33 degree low slope double concave (valley) bricks were first introduced in the Architectural Set ROBIE HOUSE... in dark red.

    Well this part is a wonderful complement to the other parts of that type... the 1x3, 2x3, 3x3 and 4x3 regular low slopes and the 3x3 double convex low slope.

    But look at what colors the 3x3 double concave brick comes in.... and compare the "KNOWN COLORS" to the "ON WANTED LIST" for that same part....

    This problem is repeated with hundreds of LEGO parts.  You will have 90% of a system in so many colors... but it's never quite enough to do a LEGO project the way you really want to do it!

    And probably the worst area is getting a matched set of different size LEGO windows of the same colors... impossible.... :-(

    This has been my biggest beef with TLG for over 2 decades.... 
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