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  • Re: How to remove red stains from LEGO pieces?

    I used to use alcohol (we call it "rubbing alcohol"... and rubbing works!).  I needed some minifig heads in the pinnacles of a historic building I was making... and rubbing alcohol wiped that smile right off of Timmy's little solid stud head with some repeated rubbing!  :-O
  • Re: LEGO Basic Sets and their anomalies...

    The corner's very blurry but I think that German box says the cassette is an 'SOS from the past' - how very enigmatic. Probably the professor spouting off about some such ghouls or crazily eclectic parts usage in German. Someone I know got hold of the yellow Technic Power Puller the other day and it still had a totally sealed VHS in it with footage of the real power puller team in action. Didn't open it of course but another classic old format.
    HA!!   Yeah blame it on the box... and not our "we're not 7 anymore" failing eyesight.... Sigh.... all the boxes look blurry to me now.... :-(
  • Re: LEGO Basic Sets and their anomalies...

    Working on another one of my LEGO volumes for the LEGO Encyclopedia series...while doing some research I came across this interesting series... the Time Cruisers (1996-97) the 6593 Flying Time Vessel Set... I have found 3 variations to this set....

    1) North American box type... with parts count, and writing in English/French/Spanish:

    2) Germany version of 6493, which comes with a cassette tape....

    3) and then there is this version of 6493 which appears to have been a TRU Exclusive for the UK.

    Oy.... so many variations.....
  • Re: Lego 60th anniversary shop display in Rushden Northants uk

    @Jezzatheshed Could you ask the owner if I could use the store front image in my 9th and final LEGO Encyclopedia guide "LEGO Retailer Items and Displays".  I am collecting the last of the documentation and images for that volume (5 of 9 volumes are finished with 3 more in the works right now).... this would also be in my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors online guide (future updates, which are free to current owners).

    Before TLG expanded LEGO sales outside of Europe in 1961, there were over 11,000 mostly independent toy stores in Europe that sold LEGO.  Back then (just like now with this special build for the UKs first toy store)... TLG provided many window display items, sales racks, signage and lighted devices for these small (as well as department store LEGO retailers).

    So my final volume will be a 350 page view at what LEGO retailers had supplied to them from TLG.

    Here's a brief view of what that volume will show... a compilation of images and stories that might otherwise be lost to LEGO collectors today...

    TLG help to retailers....

    Images for my future updates to my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Guide....

  • Re: Lego 60th anniversary shop display in Rushden Northants uk

    Love the signs, and it's great that the toy store was the first one to sign up for LEGO at the 1958 Toy Fair at the now being shamefully demolished Earls Court Convention Center in London.  They must have had to have been patient toy store owners...  the first LEGO sales in the UK started 2 years later... 58 years ago (late January 1960).  ;-)

    Here are a set of souvenir glasses for the 1985 Silver Anniversary of LEGO in the UK from late January 1960 start of LEGO sales... via British LEGO Ltd., a Courtauld's Co. subsidiary (until TLG bought the licence back in 1992 from the already being dismembered Courtauld's Co.).

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