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Emerged from my dark age in January 2016 thanks to clearance at Wegmans (Titus and Culver Ridge stores). Other LEGO sources near me are the Irondequoit Target (near Ridge and Goodman), East Ridge Road Marshalls, and Hudson Avenue WalMart [store 3280]. When I name a store, I generally mean those locations. I live relatively close to the Eastview Mall LEGO Store, but not close enough to go often. I run the BrickLink store The Brick Baron. I bought some stuff on BL when I was younger and picked the same username as an AFOL (It's one of my common user names)


Rochester, NY
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Rochester, NY
  • Re: What are you building right now?

    Did #31048 Lakeside Lodge. Got it to go with my camping collection (CMF S16 Hiker and Friends Adventure Camp). Did it now because it was the box on top of my backlog pile. Stopped in the middle to see if I needed any of the bricks for my color collection (I didn't). That way I noticed the roof could be built before attaching to the cabin walls.
    The build was very detailed; TLG has a habit of that and I love it. The model did feel small though.
    The bed was covered in tiles so the figure wouldn't stay put when laid down on it. I expect that from minidoll sets, not minifigure ones. As with minidoll sets, I didn't use the tiles. However, I liked Slope 30 1x2x2/3 (part 85984) as a pillow.
    A flower in 2x2 round tile with hole (part 15535) was a great lilypad. I didn't like the same flower piece in a frying pan, presumably representing scrambled eggs. It looks nice but won't stay put, could get lost if the model doesn't stay level. Kitchen accoutrements in LEGO sets are often like that.
    The hinges were good to open the model for display and play.
  • Re: What are you building right now?

    @ecmo47 that ship looks familiar ... no wonder, CR-90 is the class/model of the Tantive IV

    Finished the MegaBloks Enterprise bridge model.
    The build got a lot easier near the end, maybe because there were fewer parts to look through, as expected. In general, I love seeing models take shape. When fully assembled, it's hard to disconnect the sections, but that might be good for model stability. The sections weren't quite level, but that might be me or my building surface rather than MegaBloks.
    I decided to display it with the characters sitting down. A pin attaching to the back is odd, but maybe it allows for the figures to look more realistic, somewhat like minidolls. The set didn't come with Chekov, so I grabbed him from Day of the Dove (that set is relatively cheap and an army builder, so him missing from this set isn't so much of a problem). I also grabbed a random redshirt to fill the sixth chair.
    Next is the transporter room (based on Mirror Mirror), then back to LEGO. Lakeside Lodge, Robo Explorer and Yellow Submarine are the only sets I haven't started yet. MOC idea I haven't started yet is another question.

  • Re: [US] Target Deals

    Yeah, still at $5.99 at my store. Would have been nice as tiny containers often aren't worth it per unit of volume
  • Re: [US] S@H Deals

    #40165 is back up to $9.99 after being 50% off for months, maybe for summer weddings?
  • Re: What are you building right now?

    Started on another Star Trek MegaBloks set DPH82 Enterprise bridge - biggest box in my queue and I have a Trek DVD set right now.
    extra minifigure, I could deal with TLG being that kind of sloppy. I dislike the lego building experience less, though.
    on a lego forum talking aobut MB, building a TOS model while watching TNG - now that's religious tolerance. :P

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