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Emerged from my dark age in January 2016 thanks to clearance at Wegmans (Titus and Culver Ridge stores). Other LEGO sources near me are the Irondequoit Target (near Ridge and Goodman), East Ridge Road Marshalls, and Hudson Avenue WalMart [store 3280]. When I name a store, I generally mean those locations. I live relatively close to the Eastview Mall LEGO Store, but not close enough to go often. I run the BrickLink store The Brick Baron. I bought some stuff on BL when I was younger and picked the same username as an AFOL (It's one of my common user names)


Rochester, NY
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Rochester, NY
  • Re: Local Independent LEGO Shops - An Ominous New Trend?

    CCC said:
    ^^^ Even "real" fans of Lego (whoever they are) will struggle to make such a business last. In fact, they may be more blinkered than non-fans who might sell other brands alongside Lego.
    Sometimes people good at a product or service aren't good at the business of it ... like a great cook might not be a great restaurant owner. Also, there's synergy between wanting to keep and sell some of the product, but it can be hard to keep it separate enough.
  • Re: Bricksetters' Bricklink stores

    No orders to pack for the first time in weeks, staying in a couple hours before going out on Saturday was worth it. I got another payment just after I left, still not bad. I could catch up on sorting but also want to do some non LEGO stuff.

    One international package and a couple domestic have gotten returned, but no other mail problems. I think all my China orders have gone through a freight forwarder, which itself has gone well. Sometimes the mailer has started to tear, so I might use two layers of mailers and/or extra tape (the latter also protects against light rain)

    Wait 7 days before NPBing and another 7 to actually cancel - sometimes I forget and they get another few days, BL could be quicker. Just did a lot of copy/pasting of "No payment no contact". they all had quite a few negative feedback. I often just cancel when a buyer complains about even minimum S&H - once he negative feedbacked me, and I got that removed because of (mild) bad language, but I would've been screwed if he'd watched his mouth.

  • Re: 71019 TLNM (The Lego Ninjago Movie) CMFs

    I saw 1 case at a supermarket (and got an N-POP Girl), haven't seen any at Target
  • Re: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    I got a job soon after the end of my dark ages. Hundreds of dollars I get that, @CaptainRogers
  • Re: Bricksetters' Bricklink stores

    Sicne I rarely sell used, only a few lots were already in my inventory. Disassembling it feels similar to sorting a new set. I'm low on storage bins, but Target doesn't have any on sale this week, so I was motivated to sort other stuff to free up space.
    Recently passed 500 feedback. All positive except for 1 neutral for taking awhile to ship, fair enough
    Finally finished the 300 lot order. That buyer seems understanding; I'm including some bonus parts from his request list.
    Can't find a storage bin, fortunately don't need any of the parts right now, but of course frustrating. Moving the affected lots into stockroom until it turns up.
    Previously all of my tiered discounts were at least 5%. Now I go lower than that if there's an extremely small quantity difference.
    Listed a #30401 - was one short of a part from it, quite plausible that I lost something from the dozens I parted out before

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