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Rochester, NY
  • Re: [US] Sales at Amazon

    doing a quick search for 'lego'
    a lot of city and creator. their list price after the slash.

    For example:
    #31048 $19.19 / $29.99
    #31045 $10.97 / $14.99
    #31042 $6.97 / $9.99
    #31053 $28.90 / $39.99
    #60106 $6.39 / $9.99
    #60120 $7.93 / $9.99
    #60101 $17.97 / $24.99
    #31047 $12.99 / $19.99
    #60134 $29.94 / $39.99

    Prime only
    #41150 $27.99 / $39.99
  • Re: [US] Target Deals

    there is enoguh difference in weight that it's useful for many figures and on the other hand, soem figs that feel similar weight different.

    Mynatt said:
    gmonkey76 said:
    Me: No officer I use the digital scale in my pocket to weigh minifigures not drugs.
    At this point I might go and say that collectible minifigues are a drug...
    and we're paying way too much per ounce for them

  • Re: [US] Target Deals

    gmonkey76 said:
    Me: No officer I use the digital scale in my pocket to way minifigures not drugs.

    Officer: Right down to the station you go. We have a nice Detective you can talk to.
    Another Bricksetter said something similar about large purchases of baggies.

    Sometimes store security wonders what's going on when feeling/weighing CMF packs - when I explain, they go on their way

  • Re: What Have You Done To Your House To Accommodate Your Lego Hobby/Addiction?

    My wallet is hurting just looking at @TikiLuki 's picture
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    @bookmum I save money by not collecting CMF, just a few per series I want, but then there's the S15 Frightening Knight / S16 Rogue army building * pulls out empty trouser pockets *. I never got seriously into Pokemon, but I was hooked on Magic the Gathering, so I can imagine. Many online stores have trading cards much cheaper than brick and mortar. and are two I liked for MTG that also carry Pokemon. Does that help? In general I focus on the most cost-effective way to do something that I'm going to do anyway, separate from whether to do it or how I make money.

    I run a BL store and get most of what I need from my own inventory or from buying sets and selling the rest. Occasionally I buy from other BL stores.
    A few cents each for new bricks is great. Specifically: I sell lime 1x2 2.5c, lime 1x3 4.5c, green 1x4 5.5c, lime 1x6 9c. I usually sell somewhat below site average, including those. I do have bulk discounts. So what you paid is about what I'd charge.
    [I ignored conversion for simplicity since EUR is worth only a few percent more than USD right now, and I don't know how the market is different beyond exchange rate.]
    I do sometimes use similar colors I already have or can buy cheaper to make a build easier.

    @blogzilly Some people care about brick size more than others.

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