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Rochester, NY
  • Re: What are you building right now?

    Recce said:
    Received my green parts for the Lego Moulding Machines from Bricklink that I bought from a single seller, as @Legoboy advised me to do.

    I built mine last year in Lime green colour with all the parts taken from my parts stash as I didn't BL.
    I often tweak a build based on what pieces I already have, so I know the feeling.


    I finally got into Star Trek late last year, and now I want those MegaBlocks too. Maybe I'll buy one of the smaller sets to get a feel. The only others are Bridge, (mirror universe) Transporter Room, Guardian of Forever, Day of the Dove and Klingon D7. D7's are comparable to the Enterprise (Constitution-class) but this one is at much smaller scale (351 vs 3098 pc) - maybe I'll play with it like a Bird-of-Prey.
    Besides figures, there are enough special pieces/prints that I won't try to build them out of LEGO


    I got a S16 Rogue as a gift and got out, arranged and photographed my current army, along with S15 Frightening Knight. I changed some parts for variety and to sell CMF pieces. It makes sense to deploy the melee troops in front of the ranged weapons. Blue looks odd, but it's the only large enough baseplate I had handy. I'm using some green 32x32's for mosaics and a checkers board, which I could put on blue to free up green but moving all those pieces would be a pain in the neck...err, thumbs. Wolf Infantry.jpg Bear Infantry.jpg

  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    received a couple fairly big but still manageable BL orders this week. but many parts were in bags I hadn't sorted yet. So I spent much of two evenings in a row sorting. rather than just dig out pieces needed right now, I decided to fully sort, which I needed to do anyway. now time to relax with something non-LEGO.

    @vizzitor - I built #41180 (an Elves castle) as a general castle, selling the elf-specific parts. something similar could be done with #75826
  • Re: What are you buying right now ?

    @SumoLego I was afraid going on about how great Wegmans is would be off topic. We Rochestarians do like to talk about that. They have some fancy food but also a lot of regular stuff at regular prices. Think a large Trader Joes without the goofy aesthetic. The service is great.

    At one now, got 7 more 41112, 3 #10723 for $6 and #41141 for $3 (got 4 at Target for $5.03 and that's a deal)

  • Re: What are you buying right now ?

    ^Which supermarket? I have to go grocery shopping tonight and have not seen any LEGO at Stop and Shop, so maybe I need a new grocery store :)
    Wegmans, it's a regional chain unfortunately not in your area. Tops, one of the other local supermarkets, doesn't have a toy section at all except for a bit of dollar store type junk, so I understand.

  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    had cousins over for the holidays this weekend
    my LEGO/DUPLO gifts were well received as usual, the toddlers even opened the DUPLO right away, good to keep them occupied. The teenager who got #70600 said he was interested in catching up on the Ninjago show, I thought he might have been too old for that even liking the set itself.
    I got a #31062, cool but not something I would have bought for myself, so great gift. light brick interesting. goes with space stuff. Also 2 S16, Rogue and Dog Show Winner. The latter is a duplicate but I'm army building with the former. To be honest, I mentioned both. To be diplomatic, I emphasized the former, brought down my Rogue/Frightening Knight army, and printed out my feel/weigh guides for Disney,Batman,S15 and S16.
    I was advised to pay attention to inventory turnover in my BL store
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