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  • Re: Only 1 VW Camper poly per household via S@H

    @cheshirecat Of course I'm also more sympathetic to those who run into this unknowingly but the fault still lies with TLG. It's just totally bonkers that a small print somewhere overrides what's in your cart at checkout. It's an unacceptable 'malfunction' of their store.
    The local roads enable me to drive at 130mph, so I'll the police officer it's the engineer's fault when I get pulled over. "I shouldn't be able to drive at 130mph."
    And the worst analogy of the week award goes to...
    Not me.
    (Speed limits are clearly posted everywhere and you have to learn about them to get the driving licence. On S@H's site you can check out without ever seeing the page where the fine print is located at.)
    With a banner clearly stating the rules ie. road signs stating the maximum speed, I fail to see the difference.
    Now that's an outright lie, sorry. The banner doesn't state the rules. You have to click on it and read the fine print at the bottom of the promo page. You can check out with a mini Camper without ever visiting the promo page.

    I guess you read the several pages long terms and services of every store and the small prints of every promotion just in case even if it's only for a low value trinket. Seems a lot more justifiable on a company's part to expect this from one's customers than actually fixing one's store, no?
    It's not a lie. The banner has an asterix and invites those that might want to 'learn more' about the offer to click "Learn more." No need to sieve through the other T@Cs - it's right there having learnt more!!

    I don't agree that the campervan should be added to your cart on the second purchase, it shouldn't, but having made the purchaser aware what the score is in terms of 'One per household', the purchaser shouldn't feel particularly hard done by when it's not included in their delivered box. it can be disappointed and even disgruntled by way that TLG can't get their website together to avoid the 'bug', but it can't be angry in not receiving something they were told was outside the T&Cs.
    It's not the banner that states the restrictions but the page that can be accessed by clicking on a banner. (If I state again that your original statement was untrue will you reward me with another abuse flag? I can also fling it around but what's the point?) And as far as I know it's not mandatory to read that page before checking out. If they can't fix their store then they should have that info on the checkout page so people have to read the restriction before paying for their order.

    ...maybe with an apology that reads:
    "We apologise in case our system mistakenly added this item to your cart. You might not be eligible for it even if you can check out with it." :p
    @Hardrada - you are welcome to explain what you like to me and am grateful for it to some degree, but I don't accept someone being defamatory towards me when it is not justified and completely uncalled for. I am pleased to see that you have since removed your abuse tag towards my non-derogatory response left in retaliation. Thank you.

    The banner refers you to 'learn more'. The same banner doesn't advertise the fact there is a minimum spend attached to the conditions of the offer, yet it is duly accepted. Why? Because it's there on the next page you refer to and subsequently, underneath that is the small print.

    You are right, the website is shit and furthermore TLG suck for not correcting it and allowing you to subsequently make multiple purchases with the free poly in your cart, IT'S WRONG, but I fail to see how anybody can be angry about something they knowingly carried out or were told was against the T&Cs. If they didn't know, they should have read the promo properly - the same page that made the offer in the first place stating the 'minimum spend' and 'one per household'.

    If the minimum spend is accepted, so should the 'one per household'.
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