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  • Re: General Nexo Knights Discussion

    flord said:
    The use of yellow, along with lime green and trans-orange from the last wave is just garish. The green and black and very nice, however, the yellow is still being used.

    And where are the location-based toys? Why all-new vehicles all the time? Are they being leased?
    Yellow? Apart from Axl's vehicle (which uses Flame Yellowish Orange), I don't see yellow as a dominant color on any of the knights' vehicles. They do all use Warm Gold this year, but ultimately I kind of prefer that to the solid Bright Orange of last year's vehicles (which felt more like a poor attempt to match the Tr. Fl. Reddish Orange).

    And there's new vehicles every year for the same reason there's new sets in general every year—because new things sell. :P
  • Re: 70922 - The Joker Manor

    Brothers Brick confirms in their review of this set that the underside of the roller coaster cars has a notch to catch on a Technic gear chain link, allowing the coaster to be powered. They'll apparently be doing a follow up review on the roller coaster parts alone... should be interesting.
  • Re: CMF The Lego Batman Movie Series 2

    Shib said:
    I think timing it with the dvd/blu ray release would have made more sense, but that’s just me
    The issue there is that that happened in May, the same month as Minifigures Series 17. So timing Batman Series 2 for that time frame would functionally result in releasing it right after the previous Lego Batman Movie series. That might not fly well with fans of the collectible minifigures (not all of whom would necessarily be fans of the Lego Batman Movie), and probably wouldn't make retailers too happy either, since it would not stand out as fresh, new, and different from the leftover packs from the previous series the way the "themeless" Series 17 would.
  • Re: LEGO fight Against Chinese counterfeit LEGO

    PapaBear said:
    ^So Chinese companies started counterfeiting LEGO by starting with the hardest parts to make?  That sounds like a stretch.  You sure TLG didn't secretly try to negotiate a plant in China to make those parts and then got screwed when an agreement wasn't met?  Whether it was that or China somehow hacked the designs to the equipment, doesn't matter.  Companies need to protect themselves.

    China is never going to let TLG get big in their country.  Just like Google got pushed out and just like Apple is getting pushed out now.  They will copy the tactics and expertise of these companies and then start their own companies to sell to their own people.  It's really f****** moronic to even assume you could get a significant market share in China.  It's a shortsighted attempt to make a quick buck.  Besides Hong Kong and coastal China, how many Chinese do you really think can afford LEGO over other companies that make products for 1/4 the price?

    TLG should have invested their manufacturing in Europe or America.  They brought this problem on themselves whether you want to believe that or not.  They also eliminated the ethical argument by doing so.  Oh, so you want to disregard investing in jobs for your own people because it saves you money?  Well you can't blame people that want to buy from Chinese companies to save money then.
    Maybe Lego makes Mega Bloks too! When you go down that road of conspiratorial thinking, where do you stop?

    The fact is that it's not hard for other companies to copy Lego when they steal designs and cut corners on quality and service. That is how bootlegs work across pretty much every consumer product industry on the planet. You do not need to resort to absurd conspiracy theories to explain companies like Lepin, let alone earlier bootleggers.
  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    I would love a modular junkyard in the style of the recent fishing modular.
    Fishing Store isn't a modular by any definition...
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