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  • Re: [Master thread] Help identifying parts

    I found these in a used parts lot a while back, cannot identify the one on the right. It has KK1J2212SZCN stamped on the bottom. Arms and hand move, missing the head. On the left is a standard minifigure for scale. Any info would be appreciated.

    Ninjago Retractable Pen (the "Pen" would be the figure's head and extend down into the body). Image here:

  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    As an educator, I would like to see a school.  it can be once of those city private schools.  If there was a school to educate these children properly, maybe there will less need for all these Police stations.
    It would also be neat to have a gym, exercise class or a karate dojo.
    I'm amused because the Friends theme has already had a school, gym, and karate dojo. :P

    I get the impression that the City theme generally shoots for more aspirational play over real-world familiarity, hence the emphasis on exciting adult professions like police officers and firefighters over situations most kids would be directly familiar with in their day-to-day life. Lego Friends tends to favor social play, with sets that are more aimed at a kid's frame of reference (though there are still aspirational elements at play there as well, with the main characters being high schoolers who can drive and participate in a number of entry-level jobs).
  • Re: General Star Wars Discussion

    dougts said:
    how bad is #75177

    The set has almost immediately gone to 20% off on Amazon and stayed there.  I look at it everyday and all I can help but think is that there is basically nothing at all appealing about that set.  It is just complete garbage from a design standpoint.
    I kind of like it for its novel visual design and apparent inspiration (a Strandbeest), though based on the reviews I've seen it seems to do a somewhat poor job of simulating a much more complicated mechanism at a small scale.
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours (that turned out to be true!)

    Bobflip said:
    I've not heard the environmentally responsible reason before, but it makes sense, and as LEGO are looking to being more responsible in this area (such as smaller packaging and wanting to find the next eco-plastic), maybe they could find a biodegradable alternative for the bags.

    Regarding the numbering... they should probably number them 2.1, 2.2 etc and list the number of bags inside the instructions!

    Usually I see people say it's too hand-holdy, but then, AFOLs tend to have a lot less free time than the kids do!

    How about Lego not introducing more new sets year after year (and instead stimulating creativity!)? And do we really need sets the size of the new MF? The raw materials, production, shipping etc. of all these sets have a much bigger footprint than an additional bag! IMHO Lego talks about durability but acts very differently...

    Obviously Lego can't 100% nullify their environmental footprint (though they do what they can to minimize it and offset it with environmental initiatives). But a set like the Millennium Falcon wouldn't really have that much of an impact compared to any other set—sure, it's bigger than most other sets, but like other large sets it's also produced in much smaller quantities. If they weren't producing, packaging, and shipping this set to stores you can bet they'd be producing, packaging, and shipping smaller sets to make up the difference, because they're not exactly planning to just mark shelves with "this space intentionally left blank".

    I don't even know what you mean about "not introducing more new sets year after year". If you find the number of sets a hindrance to creativity, maybe... buy fewer of them? The reason they produce so much is so that there will be something for everyone; they're not expecting people to feel compelled to buy everything.
  • Re: Why is 75192 successor of 10179 but 10240 not of 7191 ?

    Legoboy said:
    #7191 is just any one of the countless X-Wings whereas #10240 is labelled as Luke's.

    There's only one Millennium Falcon and so #70192 can only be a successor to #10179.
    Wouldn't R2-D2's presence in #7191 suggest that it's also meant to represent Luke's X-Wing? Sure, its designation may not be specifically called out in the name of the set, but that seems a bit like splitting hairs.
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