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Houston, TX
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Feeling much better now that Lego CS has gotten my order from this morning restored. Even at 5 A.M. I had to deal with their site glitches but got my order submitted, only to find it cancelled when I got to work & checked my email. Of all things the Iron Man Brickheadz is on backorder but I can live with that.
  • Re: Black Friday 2017

    ^Sales start at 12 AM EST tonight, per the Lego Shop website.

    I wish we could get a list before tonight so I'd know if it was worth staying up for. Based on past years the Nutcracker will be available for days and I have to be at work on Friday, so would prefer to order not at midnight if nothing good is on sale.

    BTW, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Re: [US] Toys Я Us Deals

    Awesome, thanks! I was able to use my $5 Rewards since it's Dimensions, plus added one of the free shipping Brickheadz from the holiday sale and got 58% off my order. Got the Beetlejuice fun pack and Teen Titans team pack, which clears my want list of Dimensions!
  • Re: CMF The Lego Batman Movie Series 2

    ^Love the construction worker!

    I wish I could have found some of these display cases at my Wal-Mart(s).
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Okay, so I'm late to the party...

    1. what LEGO themes do you collect? Nexo Knights, TLBM, some Star Wars, DC & Marvel SuperHeroes, and whatever else catches my fancy.

    2. How big is your collection? 554 sets, which includes a lot of CMFs, books & various non-sets

    3. what is your favorite minifigure? I'll say Lester at the moment. It's really hard to pick just one because I after all started out as a minifigure collector.

    4. what is your favorite set? Saturn V. I was lucky to be able to line up for it on release day

    5. what is your latest Lego purchase? Women of NASA

    6. how do you display your collection? On various surfaces around the house, including the fireplace mantel. I desperately need shelves - cat proof shelves.

    7. how do you dust your collection? Umm...dusting:(

    8. how do you store your spare parts? Badly.

    9. what else do your collect? Apparently Funko Pops - I was holding at 7 but have recently added some of the new TLJ ones. Chewbacca holding a Porg is too cute! Also Hallmark's Itty Bittys (I tried to stop but then they went and made a set for TWD).

    10. what are you reading right now? Ken Follett's newest book at home & and a terrible Dean Koontz book at work. I need something I can easily stop reading since I only have 30 minutes for lunch.

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