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  • Re: Lego On TV programs.

    ^ It doesn't seem to be a problem here, this is the "Lego On TV programs" thread if we were on eurobricks we would all be 'taking a time out' for off topic talk.

  • Re: Lego On TV programs.

    Aanchir said:
    but I also am not sure the reputation they seem to have here of banning people willy-nilly is quite warranted.

    Stash2Sixx a eurobricks moderator on the star wars forum today:

    "Painful is an understatement!  I need to remove a few people here" 

    I think that some of their own moderators use this reputation to try and control people in a way you wouldn't find acceptable in any other walk of life.

    CM4S said:
    I wanna say that was basically it. They told me that my attitude towards some users was becoming an issue for the site. Small reports.. small incidents.. nothing damaging site-wide.. oh well. Part of me thinks it wasn't the real reason for my ban...

    When you get sent to the "chamber" if you say anything other than 'I am really sorry for everything I have done' then your done for. If you give the impression that you have free will and are willing to challenge their views then your done for.

    They also don't seem to take any consideration of the amount you post or how long you have been on the site. So if in their book someone posts twice and has two questionable posts they will let them stay if they have 1000 posts and 3 questionable ones they won't.

    I used to post all of the time on eurobricks mainly on their themed topics (LOTR, DC, Marvel, Star Wars) so most of my post were 'that set looks really good, love the...'. But on brickset I been a lot more controversial 'I think the whole forum could do with a redesign', 'Women in NASA is sexist' and so on. I am sure a lot of people here think its obvious why I was banned there. But on eurobricks I was a boy scout and still got banned so I guess I would say don't worry about it.

    CM4S said:
    Can't replace Eurobricks though :) 

    There isn't another Lego forum the size of eurobricks and its size helps the site a lot. It means you can have sub forums with continuing conversations. So if someone just loves pirates they can talk about it all year round even when there are no sets available. But I think the success of eurobricks happened by mistake. The modartors hate these kinds of conversations that are undirected and often off topic. Eurobricks success comes from its members and it's a shame the staff don't realise and value this.

    But I think if there was a real alternative to eurobricks I think a lot of people would leave because it is moderated badly, its not just that's its overbearing as @Aanchir said its very inconsistent too.


  • Re: 71042 Pirates of the Caribbean D2C

    Good review, odd that Lego sent them the set before posting a picture of the box/sharks themselves.
  • Re: Women of NASA - Can of Worms

    ^ That's where the can of worms come from.
  • Re: Women of NASA - Can of Worms

    ^ msixes
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