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  • Re: Bonus Ball Drawing 2/24/18 - Russell844 Special Edition

    The train from Back to the Future, does that count? :-P
  • Re: LEGO fight Against Chinese counterfeit LEGO

    Wow, that joystick will only shock you twice? I’d have thought it would give an electric shock with every use :-P
  • Re: Harry Potter 2018 Rumours

    Had a read through Mark Stafford’s comments on Eurobricks and got to say it’s made me quite pleased that he designed the first set to be announced just because he regularly engages with the community - at least as much as he’s allowed to.

    I was a little puzzled by the Basilisk, which looks a bit of something and nothing but was included for playability - looking at the set again that then completely makes sense.

    Also he made an interesting comment about the Harry Potter theme including so many new parts that Jurassic World got less than usual.
  • Re: Running out of space & looking for storage solutions

    Did you play with LEGO as a kid and did you have it ordered in any way?

    Sounds a patronising question but it’s one of the things that’s helped me explain to parents why their kids don’t see the benefit of sorting - it’s less about not seeing the benefit and more just wanting to play.

    When I was a child we had one massive box that all the LEGO was thrown in and I know that most of the building I did started with tipping the entire contents of that box onto the floor and rummaging - that was part of the “game” of building.
    When I got a little bit older I got into Bionicle and I kept the Bionicle parts seperate, but it was still a box of unsorted Bionicle parts. That’s why I suggested looking at other box sizes and letting the kids develope any natural sort of organisation that makes sense to them.
  • Re: Running out of space & looking for storage solutions

    ^this - I’ve had a few parents come to me asking similar to what has been asked and I always tell them that most kids see the organisation as Work and loose interest but show them my set up. 

    Every single one has said that after spending a couple of days sorting LEGO for they kids the end result is either that the kids stop playing with the LEGO or it becomes a complete mixed lot again in the space of ten minutes and the very thought of trying to organise it again led the parents to opening up a bottle of wine instead.

    My boss was one of these parents - he bought a ton of boxes to use, spent a weekend sorting all the parts and after two weeks admitted his kids hadn’t looked at the LEGO when it had been their favourite toy. They now use one of the paymats with a drawstring built into it which lets them just hoist the bag up when the kids aren’t building.

    children of AFOLs who free build a lot might be a little different but generally I think if you start trying to put too much order to a child’s creative process then they loose interest.

    If I were you the only thing I’d consider doing is perhaps looking at what other RUBs stack to make the equivalent of an 18l - the kids might start a natural sorting with two smaller boxes that makes sense to them that they wouldn’t with lots of sorting trays. 
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