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  • Re: UCS falcon rumours

    It is a completely different Lego market than when the original UCS MF was released.  Lego is falling over gobs and gobs of revenue from a diverse set of sources.

    They're leading the toy industry with essentially a single product.

    I think the higher likelihood is that a UCS MF would be available for an extended period of time - much like the Sandcrawler, Simpsons D2C, Tower Bridge or the Death Star.  There may be periodic shortages like the Saturn V, but eventually new stock would arrive.  Given the much higher number of premium sets available that appear to sell well, rolling out one super-premium set seems comparatively less risky than it was over a decade ago.

    Someone seeking a +$500.00 UCS MF set isn't likely to buy something else with their Lego dollar.  They'd just wait for stock to return, which would create cyclical demand for the set.  
    waynlewis said:
    What if a new UCS Falcon was complete and utter crap, like how people refer to AOH, would you still buy it??
    Yes.  I'd buy two.
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours

    Lego has had plenty of sets that had all sorts of information, but were never released.

    I suppose that would be a 'reverse' I told you so?

    ^ I think that's an implied meme.  I object!
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours

    monstblitz said:
    Those who read the speculation as fact will claim "victory" over a faction that really doesn't even exist.  

    You know, when you make these reasoned observations, you ruin the fun for those waiting on bated breath to say... 'I told you so!'

    Because... just because something happens to end up being true, it doesn't necessarily make the source of a rumor correct.  Speculation based in well-reasoned thought is still just speculation.

    I predict there will be another City Police Station with a helipad and a City Fire Station with a printed dalmation.
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours

    It certainly is a Golden Age of set availability and set diversity.  I'm sure some of us that remember the days of five themes and new sets every 18 months would save 'Golden Age' for the mid-'80's...

    Maybe we are in the post-modern renaissance period?
  • Re: FS: Tower Bridge - $175 shipped within USA

    Um, considering I have two similarly situated...
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