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  • Re: Store Calendar for europe and promotions on new lego S@H

    @snowhitie ;   
    Thanks, you are toooooo kind! I will keep it in mind.
  • Re: Please help to take a LEGO photo for me

    Don't worry @Wilycub ;  I think Boo was just kidding. I hope for you someone who has that particular minifig is willing to take a picture of it for you.

    I don't have that minifig otherwise I would have been more than happy to take a picture of it for you. Good luck finding someone who can help you out!
  • Re: Brickset Bonus Ball Draw

    Florence! Or Firenze in Italian.
    I loved it. I was there in December some years ago for a couple of weeks. It was freezing cold, and rather quiet compared to the rest of the year. However at night the city was totally deserted. I was fortunate to stay at an apartment in the middle of the centre, only two minutes walking distance away from Pallazo Vecchio. I went for a stroll the first night before going to bed, and that was the start of a daily ritual for the remainder of my stay there, walking every evening towards the bank of the river Arno crossing at Ponte Vecchio, and back again passing the Uffizi heading to Piazza della Signoria, and on to all the other beautiful sites to behold. It was pure bliss. It was wonderful soaking up all the visual splendour in full-moonlight imagining you had journeyed back in time to the ages when all these great artists and historical figures lived there. The idea of walking around in the many streets of this city, through alleys, and across its many squares surrounded by all its beautiful buildings where once Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Botticelli etc. themselves had walked, dwelled, and set foot many times was mesmerizing.

  • Re: Store Calendar for europe and promotions on new lego S@H

    "Celebrate May 4th and 40 years of Star Wars™ from 29th April to 6th May with our unique offers. Come back daily to get all the details!"
    So far two offers have been revealed at LS@H:
    #75149  40% off on 29th April  (TFA blue X-Wing)
    #75171  40% off on 6th May     (R1 Battle of Scarif)

    Really want Battle of Scarif (also like the blue X-wing), problem is I am away from home the coming month or so, and I don't know how convenient it will be ordering something while in France, and have it delivered to my temporary 'place of residence' in France!?!?

    We will have to see and wait to find out if the link @bandit778 posted has them all correct!?!

    Any way, I have the AT-ST Walker as well as the Rebel battle pack. Both (for different reasons obviously) are really nice sets!

    The MF too is definitely a great bargain at 40% off.

    I was really hoping #75158 Rebel Combat Frigate would be among the sets discounted 40% . I really really want that set, mainly because of two nice minifigs in it which are exclusive to this set (Ashoka & Sato), and I love to have and add to my SW Rebels collection. However this set is at a whopping €140 waaaay too expensive, and the ship itself (especially at that price) is not that appealing and well designed I think. So I will probably pass on it unless I can find it somewhere for a good bargain. Lets hope Ahsoka at least will be included in the future in another set, a set not as expensive as this one.

  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Oooh Yeah! Relief & LOL
    I called customer service on March 24th because my Maul minifig from #75096 Sith Infiltrator does not have face printing, and I just now got an e-mail stating "Your LEGO® pieces are on their way and will be there in the next 3-5 weeks". I was already worried something had gone wrong, as loose/replacement/missing parts and 'pick a brick' orders are usually sent quicker, and a confirmation e-mail is customary sent straight away, or the next day after the call has been made.

    Looking forward to finally having a complete set that includes all parts that should be included upon opening it. Of course I am especially eager to have Maul with his big diabolical growling toothpaste grin.

    Just a little more waiting.....

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