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  • Re: Lego CMF series 16 what's your favorite

    AllBrick said:
    @redarmy - The Romans are crazy, not the Gauls.

    By Belenos, the thread title is distracting.
    They are all pretty nuts! Gauls, Romans, pirates, etc. etc. and they are all totally hilarious.

    Okay TLG, damn you, just take my money!
    All these series 17 minifigs are fantastic! I can't choose, I want all of them.
  • Re: The Bendybadger Substitute Bonusball Bonanza 18 Feb 2017- Brought to you from Luxembourg

    Legoboy said:
    Somewhere other than my house.  The idiot gas transporter decided they were going to waltz onto my driveway yesterday to lay 30m of gas supply to the meter without notice.  No emergency, just routine.  I said no because they said they wouldn't make good and they cut me off.  Second day of stand-off, no hot water, no heating and grumpy but their office seem to think I'm in for stacks in compensation.  Bring on more coldness.  Anybody have any young, vulnerable children they need looking after for the weekend?
    Best of luck to you! I hope for you and your family's sake those idiots reconnect you sooner than later!
  • Re: City Jungle Theme! I'm Excited!

    I am always interested in Lego animals. Though my feelings towards them with regard to how they are designed are a bit ambivalent too, E.g. the brown bear (from several years ago included in forest police sets) is really nice, but why does Lego not put more articulation points in their animal and bigfig creatures?!? The bear's hind legs are hinged, so you can make him stand on them, and his head can move up and down, however his front legs are fixed. Just like with the legs of the bigfigs, they are just one big colossal Lego element. It would be nice, seeing how many articulation points minifigs have, if TLG would have included a couple more on their larger animals and bigfigs.
    This is what I could tell from looking at some pictures found on the web on YouTube.
    All sets seem to include a red spider
    #60156: Jungle Buggy
    1 minifig
    #60157: Jungle Starter Set
    3 minifigs
    animal included: crocodile
    #60158: Jungle Cargo Helicopter
    2 minifigs
    #60159: Jungle Halftrack Mission
    2 minifigs
    animal included: black panther
    #60160: Jungle Mobile Lab
    4 minifigs
    #60161: Jungle Exploration Site
    7 minifigs
    animals included: a spotted panther, or leopard; and a crocodile.

    The two sets that include the big cats I think are most appealing.

    Don't really get why the vehicles are all light orange / warm yellow?! I would have preferred beige (light sand yellow) or dark green, or even a greyish mint green (in Lego this comes closest: aqua or unikitty blue; colour 323), but that is probably because the classic rugged Land Rovers often are painted in these colours, and when I think of going on a safari these type of vehicles in those colours come to my mind first.

    It would have been nice if TLG put an elephant, or a rhino etc. in a set from this theme.

    I suppose this adventure theme is more about discovering hidden treasures in the jungle (like Indiana Jones etc.) than wild life discovery. The cats, crocs, and giant flesh eating plants in the sets are dangers and obstacles for the minifigs to overcome in their quest for treasure.
    The new big jungle knife the minifigs have looks fantastic! Other than that I cannot tell from those pictures what other new elements might be included in these sets.

  • Re: What series do you wish Lego had?

    Any Family guy fans out here!?

    Just quickly skimmed over this topic (100+ unread posts), but nobody has mentioned Family Guy. Now I know Southpark will never happen (even though I think it would be awesome), but I also love Family Guy, especially Stewie and Brian, my two favourite characters/duo from the show. Seeing what they did over at TLG with the Simpsons, I would love to see done with Family Guy. Imagine a time machine set with Stewie and Brian, or the entire house of the Griffins etc.

    Chances of this happening? None if the show and humor are deemed too inappropriate.

    @Shib ; mentioned Howl's Moving Castle, though I don't care for Dimensions (I don't have the game, or am interested in the add-on packs) I love the idea of a set based on that film/anime/cartoon.
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    @Aanchir ;  
    Nothing really is off-limits. If you want to mix fleshy and yellow (heads/hands/torso) minifigs, and mix in minidolls as well, in your diorama's, than who is to say you should not do so. Some may disapprove, but that is not the person's problem incorporating all those figures into his/her creations and/or play scenario (in case you are talking about kids role playing).
    When I was a little kid I was sometimes like that kid from the animated film Toy Story, mixing Lego with Kenner Star Wars action figures, building vehicles out of lego for my star wars figs, or even just playing with: SW figures; He-Man dolls; and Lego minifigures, plush animals etc. etc. all at the same time inventing narratives and stories for the whole lot not caring about toy brand, or intellectual property.
    Now the only thing I mind (personally) as an adult (and a limitation as such) is: whether it is genuine Lego. If it is not real Lego then i don't buy it, and don't want it to become part of my Lego collection. 
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