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  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Project Ziplock continues...

    Bye bye series 16. See you around in a one of the thousand plastic baggies I bought to store the lot of all you bricks.
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Set myself to doing some Lego chores: breaking and bagging up my first Lego SW set.
    #9496 Good set BTW! Don't think it is outclassed by the new 2017 edition #75174

    One more. "Good bye, first SW set. Soon you will be zipped up.... for the foreseeable future." Gotta make room, have to clean up. Too many sets and/or minifigs EVERYWHERE in my house.


  • Re: The Star Wars REBELS series/theme topic

    That to me is a super discount for that set. I would get it immediately for that price. It is much better than what I see it for anywhere at the moment here in NL or on Amazon!
    Hell! Buy one for me too for 53 quid (which is €61,65), and I will wire you the money plus what it costs to have it shipped to me in NL. Seems like a great bargain to me!
    (Don't know though how expensive it is to ship something like an entire boxed set like that to NL!? And if it would still be a bargain, Amazon somehow can ship things either for free or much cheaper than you and me.)

    Anyway, the Darth Vader that is included in this set looks awesome too!

    He is the one on the left (with his helmet taken off)
    The other Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine as well, are from #75093 the Death Star Final Duel. Unfortunately I do not own the wonderful #75159 
    Except for their capes they are identical to the ones in the Death Star. Neither have back printing, have the 'old fashioned' capes (the ones that easily fold and crinkle). Darth Vader from #75150 does have back printing, and the new soft fabric cape which you can leaf on when you put him inside the cockpit. Oooh the face is identical to the other one, and the helmet too of course! Plus Vader's Tie (which you aren't even that interested in) is a great ship too. If I were to get this set a second time I would just use Vader's Tie Advanced as the basis for designing a MOC Tie-Bomber, for which you definitely need that Tie-Fighter window and top hatch, plus so many other parts included in that set.
  • Re: The Star Wars REBELS series/theme topic

    Thanks for the info. still has 84 in stock.

    With regard to Amazon: true. Like many other companies they have contracts with shipping carriers giving them much better rates than you and I get when we want to send a parcel.
    Yet when I checked some financial news earlier today, I saw the GBP is falling against the € at the moment again.
    Which means things from the UK will become cheaper for us here in the Euro zone.
  • Re: Brickset Bonus Ball Birthday Bonanza (my birthday not Brickset's)

    dspigel said:
    Hey. Why dspigel get to win. He lives in freaking Hawaii. He's already won life.

    Is Hawaii really winning life?  It is freakishly warm, costs a fortune, you have to put up with all that ukulele music, flowers being draped around you at all times and the those shirts! :)
    Give me a drab Yorkshire day, watching sheep graze, drinking a nice pint of bitter and talking to friends about how soft the southerners really are.  Now that's winning life*

    *this statement may be fictional in part and if anyone wishes to fund my trip to Hawaii to give the prize in person then I am easily swayed. 
    You are closer to the truth than you think. Visiting Hawaii with the "vacation" mindset is one thing but, living here is different. This place isn't paradise. It could be if I lived everyday like it's a holiday. Too bad I live in the real word. However I do love the warm weather and I get that for free. 
    No, it cannot be paradise, you even run the risk at the beach of bumping into this Authoritah!

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