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  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    @sid3windr ;   
    Dooh! Indeed you are right, though it was already released November last year (2016).
    What was I thinking?
    @Aanchir ;  
    Well, suppose they don't release another one next year, in a sense that will be a worry less too.  ;-)
  • Re: General Star Wars Discussion

    Oooh wow, or uhmm rather; ay! I dunno if it is all that wow, I just had a look on the infamous web where such images surface first.
    It is a differently modified T-47 in sand colours with some extra dorsal winglets. The set contains two minifigs, both wearing the famous X-wing type helmets (one has a dark red helmet, the other a white one). They are clad in grey pilot zero-G suits. The box states that the set contains 278 pieces.
    When I read your comment my first thought was: 'what, another TESB snowspeeder?!'
    This set does not look all that bad, but a speeder destroying a H2O vaporator? Not too exiting.  #75049 came with 3 minifigs, and contains a Imperial snowtrooper equipped with a E-Web heavy repeating blaster canon tripod. this new unreleased set seems to contain only two figures. I don't see how those winglets are an improvement to speeders that were nimble enough in TESB dealing with AT-AT's? Ooh well... I probably still want it.
  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    Me too ;-)
    and more bananas!                                                    and apples
  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    Maybe Ninjago City is this year's modular? Nah! That cannot be, right?!
    B.t.w. What is the next re-release? One of the older modulars such as Grand Emporium, or Fire Brigade!?
    I completely fail to see the appeal of the Taj Mahal (never did & still don't), but I would not mind either of both mentioned modulars (GE & FB) being re-released. Or the Green Grocer for that matter, perhaps with a few updates/improvements.
    Perhaps there won't be a new modular this year. TLG is releasing a crazy amount of new sets this year, which keeps increasing every year it seems.
    Any way, I still stand by my wish expressed earlier here on this thread for another set like the Pet-shop with two separate buildings on 16X32 plates. Give us a butcher-shop TLG!
    Still need to get hold of the brick bank modular too. Too many sets on my wish-list etc.
  • Re: [Benelux] Promotions

    Well it does not surprise me. But that is probably because of some of the experiences I have had in the past ordering Lego from them, as well as how they sometimes communicate with their customers which can be rather curt if not plain rude and off putting.
    They deliver fast, and usually everything works out fine. When somehow they mess up and you contact them, they usually will correct it, unfortunately this has not always been the case.

    I have had three bad experiences ordering from them, the worst was this:
    ordering a full box of CMF's from them, and receiving a box with a tempered seal (plain to see). The box had been opened and one of the rare unicorn girl CMFs had been exchanged for a much more common figure. So instead of the box with 60 figures containing three complete series of 16 CMFs, it only contained two complete series. Those boxes leaving the factory in China always contain the exact same amount of CMFs, with all the various figures in the exact same amounts distributed in each box. First thing I did was check their site to see if they still had stock, which they did not, plus they would not get more stock, which meant I could not send it back for another one. Back then that really pissed me off. Last couple of times I ordered something from them everything was and arrived as it should be, lets hope it will stay that way, otherwise in the future I will spend my money elsewhere.

    On a more positive note, they do every now and then have nice special offers.   
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