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  • Re: Brickset bonus ball - prize is a TC4 #5002122

    I suppose many of these maxims are all easier said than done, while simultaneous appear superfluous, however if I am to pick one, mine is the following: trust yourself.
    Hello @bendybadger ; so cool you continue to host these bonusball thingies, events, raffles. Hope you are well!
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    My Lego status is: I have severely neglected the BS-forum for at least a month or so lately.
    Hope all you people are well!

    There are just hundreds, if not perhaps even well over a thousand posts on various threads I used to keep up with I either need to catch up on or just skip (like this thread with nearly 400 unread posts).
    Anyway, hello all you Lego dudes and dudettes! The dude abides and stuff!

    I did however finally get around to built set #75096 (Sith Infiltrator) the other night this week. Awesome ship! Fun build, super minifigs, and alas a faceless Maul, so I contacted CS this afternoon, and TLG will be sending me a new head with face printing.
  • Re: [UK] FS - classic castle sets

    Just out of curiosity, where are the other two types of plumes to attach to the crests of all the knight's helmets? Did you lose those? Or are these not sets from your own childhood, and did you obtain these sets recently without them (the plumes)?
    I know every set contained a wheel with three types of plumes for every knight included in all those classic castle Lego sets.
    Never had the big Lion knights (King's) castle as a kid, and always wished I had, well at least during my childhood. I do still have all other sets shown on your pics.

    Anyway good luck selling them!

    It is unfortunate that somehow those lion knight torso prints (coat of arms with either the 'lion' or the 'crossed axes') hardly ever seem to withstand the test of time all that well. Especially the markings in gold. The Falcon knights silver printing on their torso's always fares much better it seems.
  • Re: General Star Wars Discussion

    @TheBigLegoski - The Imperial Officer is from #75055 but the Major Brance minifigure is new (on the far left behind the gun turret). Still, an extremely disappointing Advent Calendar in my opinion.

    This 'Major Brance' looks exactly like the male resistance minifig from:
      #75103          First Order Transport
    except for his hair piece. Really cannot get excited about this minifig. I agree with you that based on the box-art of this advent calender, its contents seem rather lacklustre.

    The last SW advent calender (2016) #75146  was so good that I bought it twice (when I was able to scoop it up at a nice discount), it has the silver protocol droid, which looks wonderful and is my personal favourite minifig from that set, and a great selection of generic trooper minifigs (so called 'armybuilder' minifigs) such as a storm- & snowtrooper, Bespin guard, Imperial Navy trooper etc. So all in all IMO a good minifig selection (except for Luke Skywalker, but that is because I already have 'Death Star Final Dual' #75093 (nice set!), as well as plenty of Luke minifigs from other ROTJ sets). Many of the micro ship builds from 2016 were also so incredibly well designed, however to me the minifigs are still what determines how much I like/value the advent calenders. The 2016 AC set contained 10 minifigs/characters, where as the 2017 AC set only 8, and to me most of these are less desirable too.


    With regard to a future Jedi temple set. I hope TLG will design a proper, and preferably, a large building for this set. I think, too often, whenever a SW set based on a location is designed instead of a vehicle, it tends to range from: 'somewhat underwhelming' to 'extremely disappointing', as well as incredibly overpriced. These sets are examples of what I mean:
     #75139           Battle on Takodana        €69,99
     #75148           Encounter on Jaku          €79,99
     #75171           Battle on Scarif               €69,99
    (These are Dutch prices over at Lego S@H; and yes those prices are ridiculous! Especially even more so when compared to the German Lego S@H prices)

    I hope TLG will design a Jedi temple, just like they are able to do for other themes such as: Castle, Ninjago, LOTR/the Hobbit, Batman etc. that actually is a full on building with multiple floors, rooms, passages etc. instead of just a door that leads nowhere, with a collapsible tree, and/or wall, and present that as a 'building' or representation of a location from any of the films.
    I am not such a big fan of ep. VII, but Maz Kanata's castle was the perfect opportunity for TLG to design a big beautiful and fun set with lots of minifigs, and modular style attention to detail regarding architectural design, as well as play features, such as: the basement room where Luke's lightsaber is kept and Rey has her force epiphany; and the room where all characters lounge, eat, chat, spy, play (card) games, play, listen, and dance to music, etc. But #75139 is a far cry from that, I hope someone over at TLG reads this and does something with it, and designs a Jedi temple, as well as other future SW sets which do justice to what they suppose to represent. Plenty of SW fans would e.g. be drooling over a well designed Dagobah set featuring Joda's jungle swamp tree house. A set that includes play features such as a cave for Luke to enter to face his fears, and gimmicks for kids so they can re-enact Luke lifting R2-D2 and stones using the force, and doing acrobatics etc. (I admit this Kenner Dagobah playset from the early 80s comes to mind). TLG did a much nicer job with the last Mos Eisley Cantina set #75052 they designed, than they did with the 3 sets I listed here above, and was compared to those sets much more reasonably priced too.
    Sure if you have the bricks you can MOC many things, but TLG can still focus more on high quality set design too.
  • Re: General Star Wars Discussion

    Lobot said:

    @monkyby87 ;   
    You are right the T-14 Incom airspeeder is from an iconic film, featuring among other scenes, the iconic AT-AT surface attack of the hidden base on Hoth.
    You've confused me; aren't they T-47s, or is a T-14 an obscure variant?
    At least I managed to confuse you in my confusion. ;-)
    I don't know how the seven turned into a one, and then switched places with four.
    #75182 is a nice set, though the vehicle seems rather small for a tank, and it does not look like the turret with all the cannons will be able to swivel sideways. I like that blue Twi'lek!
    Don't ask me why, but that tank reminds me of 'Allo 'Allo! (the English comedy series) in which one of the Nazi officers, Lt. Gruber always refers to the armoured car he is driven around in as his 'little tank'.

    Pleasantly surprised with the two battle pack sets, but also a bit dissapointed that not all figs are equiped with 'proper' blasters, and still only have these stud-poppers instead. I am sure everyone wants to have a Bossk Minifig.

    Not sure what to think of #75180 Rathar Escape. I like the Guavian Death gang minifigs, but again why give them stud-poppers?! instead of some more accurate looking blasters (possibly a new Lego element would be nice). Anyway, kids will probably love this play set. It would have been nice if the Rafthars could actually gobble up a minifig, but that would possibly have made them too big to fit into the play set.

    I like most sets of the summer wave, and all minifigs. I am really curious about #75186 The Arrowhead. Also it contains Quarrie; the Mon Calamari who built a prototype B-wing starfighter on the remote planet Shantipole from SW Rebels. Would have been nice if this wave included a SW Rebels and Rogue One set as well.

    I hope that the advent calender will contain at least one new and unique minifig. Can anyone confirm if that Imperial officer is indeed from  #75055    ?!?
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