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  • Re: CustomBricks possibly in trouble for Nazi customs

    Lyichir said:
    ...someone whose interest in that particular part of history is less wholesome. And it's not always just one or the other—sometimes the line between recreating scenes of war and glorifying it is extremely blurry.
    Well so what if it is?  The last thing the humanity needs is thought police determining which ideas are allowed to be expressed and which must be suppressed.  Let the Nazi lovers proclaim themselves. Much better to have them out in the open so you know who they are, rather than brewing up trouble out of sight.
    Lyichir said:
    It's a big part of why I have little interest in a lot of custom items, since so much of it represents subjects I'd rather keep separate from my Lego hobby.
    Just because you do doesn't mean everyone else should have to. Here is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of how "well-intended" censorship and attempted prior restraint on expression is just total BS:

    • The work features Lego renderings of crematoria and barracks as well as scenes depicting skeletal prisoners being beaten by guards. A 1997 report in The Times stated that the creations were so disturbing that the Lego Group tried to persuade Libera to withdraw them from public view.
    • The artwork caused additional controversy when Libera was invited to participate in the 1997 Venice Biennale, but was asked by Polish officials to not show the Lego pieces.
    • When Polish artist Zbigniew Libera created a faux Lego concentration camp toy set in 1996, he drew widespread criticism from people who believed he was making light of the Holocaust.
    • Since then, his death-camp toys have been shown in museums and galleries around the world, including New York's Jewish Museum in the 2002 exhibition "Mirroring Evil."
    • The museum described the pieces as "one of the most important works of contemporary Polish art."

    Legos are more than "just a toy".  They are a perfectly acceptable medium for producing art, as several on here have commented in other threads (people complaining about others ripping off their art/MOCs). They should be treated as such.  Coloured pencils can be used to draw Nazi emblems too - you don't see governments around the world trying to get them banned or confiscating them.

    Here is another example of censorship going off the rails - catering to those who might "offended" by what someone does with their Legos:

    Lego announced Wednesday it’s reversing a conversational policy it had in place.

    Previously, the company asked customers buying its toy bricks in bulk what they were using them for, although that will no longer be the case, the BBC reported.

    The reason for the change has to do with Chinese artist and political dissident, Ai Weiwei, who accused Lego of censorship in October when the company wouldn’t sell bricks to him for an art project. He ultimately ended up using fake bricks and made Lego’s refusal public.

    But the company said Wednesday it didn’t want to implement guidelines that “could result in misunderstandings or be perceived as inconsistent,” according to a statement published on its website.

    The statement continues, “As of January 1st, the LEGO Group no longer asks for the thematic purpose when selling large quantities of LEGO bricks for projects. Instead, the customers will be asked to make it clear—if they intend to display their LEGO creations in public—that the LEGO Group does not support or endorse the specific projects.”

  • Re: CustomBricks possibly in trouble for Nazi customs

    How about this? If you are against something, don’t buy it?  Strange concept I know.

    I don’t think replacing the Nazi brand of fascism with the Liberal brand of fascism is much of an improvement.
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Si_UKNZ said:
    If this were facebook for Lego, what would your status be today?
    Never used Facebook, so not sure what the choices are for "status".  But if I had to pick one, it would be, "Spent way too damned much on Legos this month."
  • Re: The "brag" thread: Post your recent great finds!

    $26 for everything pictured (except yellow and red base plates). There are four or five pilot minifigs in the aircrafts, one the police station, plus the four plainly visible.
  • Re: The "brag" thread: Post your recent great finds!

    ^That's where I run into problems at the local thrift stores.
    Hey, at least your thirft stores HAVE Legos.

    In other news - I got a 8297 Technic set, in unopened box, for $100. That's a 2008 set that originally sold for $120 retail - so I think I did OK.


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