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Hi Everyone! PLEASE READ THIS if you are interested in the Matlab cost minimization scripts. I'll be glad to send the latest distribution package to any email address you specify, but please do so in a PRIVATE MESSAGE to me. I only see this user wall here a few times a year, so any requests posted here may go unread for a long time. ALSO, as of March 2013, the forum software changed such that I am no longer notified of PM's from new contacts, but only those with whom I have corresponded before. Because I have to manually check this inbox, your new PM may go unread for a few days, but I do eventually get caught up with all requests. Thanks for your patience!


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  • Re: Automated BrickLink cost minimization program available

    Even though I haven't updated the Matlab scripts in a long time, I confirmed that as of today the price data parsing still works correctly, so the Matlab version remains an option should the executables be unsuccessful.  One of the parts in the example file had changed part numbers, so I updated that; if that caused a problem for anyone, just delete it from the example parts-wanted list and retry.  Also know that I do still respond to requests for the scripts, preferably sent in a private message to me.
  • Re: The "brag" thread: Post your recent great finds!

    By the numbers: 11,590 bricks for $20 ($0.0017 per piece), including 139 minifigures (73 from Star Wars)

    The story: Strolling the 2012 neighborhood garage sale, I would ask neighbors if they had any LEGO bricks for sale, even if none were visible. Good thing as one revealed a hidden trash bag of toys: LEGO, MegaBloks, KNex, Hot Wheels, Tinker Toys, army men, etc.

    After purchase, sorting revealed 25 pounds of LEGO and 8 pounds of MegaBloks (all HALO sets). The majority of LEGO bricks were from Star Wars sets, some even released new that same year! Thirteen other themes were present including Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia.

    The haul also included parts from at least 139 minifigures, with one catch: they were all completely disassembled: hands from arms, arms from torsos, and legs from hips. (Who does that?) It took hours of research to match all the faces with bodies. Finally, after several months of on-and-off effort to catalogue as I integrated all into the rest of my inventory, I can report the totals above. Phew!
  • Re: Automated BrickLink cost minimization program available

    Hi all, I'm catching up on several recently posted questions here; hopefully I address them all. First though a reminder that queries regarding error messages are best sent directly to me instead of the forum. Debugging is sometimes an iterative process over a few exchanges if it's an error I haven't seen before.

    Check the Troubleshooting section of the README for an explanation of how memory might be exceeded; vendor pruning is the recommended solution, not a reduction in your parts list.

    The same section also mentions that Octave 'warnings' are benign, and an often overlooked step in the instructions for foreign usage is to clear the 'USonly' flag. If that flag has already been cleared, try the other currency prefix option mentioned for European union.

    The error that occurs specifically on line 107 of 'find_minimum_cost.m' is now known to be a problem with Octave's 'exist' command. It's broken in certain versions of Octave and is a known bug discussed on the Octave forums. Most common solution seems to be using a different version of Octave and not running Octave through a linux emulator. Now that I've seen this error in Octave a few times I should probably add it to the Troubleshooting section of the notes...

    @paynemic I have an idea why you might be seeing that; will PM you with questions to try to debug further.

  • Re: Automated BrickLink cost minimization program available

    The database of vendor locations does get appended with new store info every time you parse a Price Guide, but it does assume that data already in the database are good. Should a store close and its ID number be reused for another, that won't be detected by the script. DadsAFOL is correct: Deleting the vendor_locations.mat file will clear old data, allowing current content to be saved instead.
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