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  • Re: The LEGO Ninjago Movie

    I do actually watch the Ninjago show with my kids  and collect some of the sets/minifigs, but I am perfectly okay with a Lego Movie universe take on seems like a lot of people are upset about the changes. I personally think this might be more in line with the Lego Movie than Batman will be to be honest (love the use of some of the CMF minifigures in the preview.
  • Re: Lego Dimensions

    If you look at what is on sale it is basically the figures you could get in other places.....Chima...Ninjago...Lego Movie...LOTR.... The only odd one out is Portal seems to be at the 99 cent store......I don't think it means the game failed over all...but it does mean a change in strategy in what is released...which I think we have seen. I think the game would have been stronger with more exclusive sets up front, but again as was mentioned you needed a lot of characters to get the game started. I still think we will see the third year, but maybe not anything beyond that. 
  • Re: Lego Dimensions

    I think it will go into a third year as planned, but it might be lighter.....I notice this year that it is spread out more with fewer sets released at a time. I think they are trying to get some into the summer.....if you recall last year the last releases were in May. I also noticed as a teacher more of my students are buying into in now rather than when it first came up.....which is a pain for downloading all the new content at once from what i hear, but people are enjoying it. I wish there were some hard and fast numbers on sales, but from what I see is the game is doing okay. Some newer sets are sold out (which makes sense as they appeal to those who play the game as well as those who just want the minifigures, as more are unique this year. Personally, I hope the game continues as my family enjoys it quite a bit, and I as a collector like a lot of the throw back minifigures we would never have gotten otherwise. Gremlins would never have seen the light of day if not for this game (do we really want Gremlins seeing the light of day though :) )
  • Re: Lego Dimensions

  • Re: Lego and Duplo Promotional Bricks

    Sorry it took me awhile to post this. I was waiting to get my latest brick for the collection. It seems the only place that does these anymore are the Legoland and disoverycenters, so that is where most are from. We got the pirate one last night (My daughters won a sneak peak at the new Pirate attraction in Chicago). It is not a large collection and I don't actively hunt these down, but it has turned into a mini hobby for me.
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