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West Yorkshire, U.K.
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West Yorkshire, U.K.
  • Re: Bricks Magazine

    When were these Fan Media Days that Mark was present at?   Recently?
  • Re: Bricks Magazine

    June!  Don't know how he has the cheek.
  • Re: Lego Burglaries from Homes?

    Technically that's a TWOC of LEGO and not theft!

    But seriously, everyone should ensure that their home is as secure as it can be, and not fret over whether or not their collection is a target.  
  • Re: Bricks Magazine

    I'm no accountant, but it seems to me that as of March 2016 they were broke, just £161 in the bank.  Since, as far as I know, their only source of income was the magazine subscriptions - I don't recall them carrying any advertising - it would appear that they couldn't afford to post out any magazines even if they produced them.

    A sorry tale, and not one I will forget.
  • Re: Women of NASA - Can of Worms

    SMC said:

    Like I said before I think men have it ok and I am not trying to say women don't face more sexism. But why is it so hard to face the fact that men are discriminated again too?

    Criminal justice system: Men are more likely to be charged, more likely to be found guilty but the worst is they get a much longer prison sentences than women for the same crime.

    Social problems: A lot more likely to commit suicide, be homeless and so on like we have already talked about.

    Work: larger numbers of men are injured or die in work place accidents. Again much larger number of men are killed fighting in the army so its not a problem of the past like was suggested.

    Family: Men pay fare higher amounts when couples separate, they are fare more likely to loss custody of their kids. Men have far less rights when it comes to paternity, a women right to choose (ok lets not go there).

    (And another hard one) domestic violence: yes more women face violence but the skew is not as great as you would think and men get less help than women face a much smaller chance of it being stopped and women are far far less likely to be charged with a crime. And we are back at the first point.


    I might have some sympathy for your point of view if you had quoted the sources for the 'statistics' you quote.  For some it's blindingly obvious why 'x' is the case and has nothing whatsoever to do with discrimination.  Some of your other claims fly in the face of my experience which is thirty years in the criminal justice system.  So before I write these off as a list of Mail Online headlines please tell us where you are getting this information from so that we can assess for ourselves the veracity of your discrimination claims.
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