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  • Re: UCS falcon rumours (that turned out to be true!)

    Soooo. Since this thread began its life with a bit of speculation, how about we speculate as to what the exclusive figures the black card gives us access to are, if indeed figures are part of the deal?

    i was kinda hoping it might be one or two high profile missing pilots, that may or may not have been involved in the destruction of the second Death Star...

    With the inclusion of the porgs, the Penguins like creatures found on Luke's mystery island (I think), I wonder if that is a hint at a Luke/R2/new Rey set of figures, all of which I assume fly in the falcon in the new film.

    whatever comes our way, I hope they are all falcon centric and and not just 10% extra off this or that etc.
    We can kill several pages speculating on when "awaiting new stock" will actually happen!
  • Re: 2018 Modular Rumours

    ^I whole heartily agree and did make mine 64x32!

  • (US) USC TIE Interceptor set #7181

    For sale is this TIE Interceptor, set #7181. It came to me as part of a massive bunch of loose Lego. It was never fully assembled. It appears that original owner built part of the cockpit then quit, never to return as several parts bags were still intact. I did have to make a few runs to my parts supply so it is now 100% complete. Includes the instruction book and an un-used sticker which was in one of the unopened bags. The model has absolutely no dust or sun-faded parts. Nice and glossy! I'm on the east coast of the US but can ship anywhere. I will send any interested parties a shipping quote. Looking to get $250.00 and would prefer Paypal "friends" option for payment. Longtime Bricksetter with several trades with other members. 
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours (that turned out to be true!)

    ^ I would not recommend that if you want a copy. I think this model will be in short supply for a good long time much like the Saturn IV and will be difficult to get. A bird in hand......
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours (that turned out to be true!)

    Matt89190 said:
    SMC said:
    Online: Early Access for VIPs starts from 7:30 am on 14th September
    I was neither able to get to a store early or stay up to order, so I was pretty much resigned to the fact I'd be getting one on back order - but at 7:30 I can just get up and order it! Yay!
    Well, nuts. Looks like I'm going to be late for work tomorrow. Now what should my excuse be? Kids are grown up and do not have a dog so the easy ones are not available. Ah! The wife's car had a flat tire.  

    Also, do not forget to go to via the Brickset page so that they can a piece of the action.  
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