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  • Re: Leicester Square store - Enough with the queueing!

    Visited London for a weekend trip last month and queued for 20 mins to get in on Sat 28 January.  Then I discovered that you now have to book for the mosaic maker and the slots were fully booked that day. So I had to return the following day.  On the plus side, my booking for the Sunday enabled me to queue jump, much to the astonishment and disbelief of the people at the front of the queue!  And I topped up the £100 spend on the mosaic with something else to get the free Rooster and Disco Batman.  So a good trip.

    I completed the mosaic last night and it looks great and actually quite like me - though better if viewed at a slight distance with your eyes squinted!

  • Re: How to bricklink a set

    Great thread.

    I've only ever went thorough the bricklink process once about 5 years ago to recreate a 391 Renault and 395 Rolls Royce which were rather simple projects compared to the task I've now set myself. Having resigned to never being able to get my hands on a Taj Mahal (I simply just don't think that the price of even a used set is now worth it), I decided to start bricklinking one at the weekend.

    I'm still at the stage of finalising my "to buy" inventory. I've found the process of going through which existing pieces I already have to be very time consuming, as I'm studying the manuals in close detail to work out which pieces can be substituted. While I verge on OCD on some things, I'm not being a purist on this one and have decided to substitute non-visible elements (usually colour, but sometimes the element itself) where I can do so using my existing pieces or the cost of buying them will be reduced. I don't feel so bad about doing this as Lego routinely has non-visible pieces in other colours in many sets, including the Taj Mahal itself. 

    What are people's views on freely substituting non-visible pieces? 

    It looks like I already have about once third of the required elements so now the arduous task of obtaining the rest follows. I'll be interested to know how the remaining 2/3 will cost me! I'm looking forward to progressing this project. 

  • Re: Ridiculous eBay Auctions

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