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  • Re: Dare I say, Walmart?

    I was at Wal-mart yesterday and they had a Luke's sand speeder set that I had never seen or heard of before. It included a sandperson, Luke, Obi-wan and C3-PO. It had the most recent box art along the edges so its a current set. I've just never heard about it or seen it anywhere before.
    You mean this one?

  • Re: Creator Expert Vehicles - 2018 & Beyond

    SumoLego said:
    ...or give them away as presents this Christmas...
    Santa?  Me, I want a hula hoop!
      Y'know.. for Kids!
  • Re: Predictions on Discontinuing Sets and their Secondary Market Value

    roxio said:
    Small to medium sized licensed sets on discount are the way to go imo. Obviously you need judgement to pick right ones. Hulkbuster, antman, wall-e all doing nicely for me
    I think the subject matter means more than just getting any small to medium licensed sets, even on discount, because typically to make money on smaller sets means you have to invest large on the number of set you get. Guess wrong and you are stuck with a ton of stuff no one wants.
  • Re: Predictions on Discontinuing Sets and their Secondary Market Value

    Does anyone feel the latest modulars will not be as valuable as the older ones when they retire? It just seems that everyone is going out and getting Palace Cinemas and a year or so ago before it retired the Pet Shop.
    It seems there are more of the latest modulars in collections to be sold at a later date than the older ones like the first 3.
    Resellers will get their money back and a bit more but does anyone see the latest modulars sort of losing their aura with so many now in the hands of resellers/investors than 5-10 years ago?
    Of course. However, this has been the trend ever since Fire Brigade. But here is the thing. Most times they will still do better long term than most 'investments' that people are making in other lines in large or smaller sets. LEGO has redone a lot of sets; even remade the UCS Falcon now, but the mods are still not redone (at this time anyway).
    I also think people were still too busy buying Pet shops, especially when it was reduced to 120 USD, before buying Palace Cinema's. Especially since those were harder to find in their lifespan in BOGO50 and B2G1F situations. Same with Palace Cinema. I think most people got their 'fill' of those long before last year, but now buying this year, if they are not waiting to see if they can get more if it goes on sale near the end of this year. It is also the reason I think LEGO tagged them 'Retiring soon' (same with the classic bat cave, which they already had to reduce price on) as they want the stocks gone before they have to clearance them like with the Pet Shop last Christmas.

    Has the 'aura' of LEGO sets gaingi large values fallen? Sure, but then again the 'aura' is falling for any LEGO set at this point (the biggest con IMO is Websites, LEGO, and book writers making money off of rubes that think the market is still strong). Either the sets are:
    1) Discounted to the point where everyone buys a truckload and they really do not go up in the aftermarket for years, if ever.
    2) They are never put on sale so you have to pay dear to stack them, and really hope they increase in price.
    3) They make them for 8+ years which means you sit on them forever, even if you managed to get a few on sale (see the first Death Star-with only a 1 year hiatus before being redone by the way, Tower Bridge, or VW Camper van)

    Deals are to be had, but like with every 'fad' that is selling something to make quick money, once the element of surprise is gone and yabbos write books on how to make 'big money' on LEGO, and build websites solely for tracking prices and predicting LEGO aftermarket values like it is a stock market, you will have it lose its luster big time.

    Can you make money in LEGO? Sure...
    -Buy in bulk to compete (Some of these guys on sites like brickpicker are likely buying 10's, if not 100's, of sets to sell once discontinued, and are making a living running from store clearance to store clearance to clean out product-They are the same guys that mysteriously have 20-30 of a LEGO promo figure for sale as well)

    -Make good educated guesses on what themes/sets to buy(like be wary when a group of folks say anything about buying 'this or that')

    -Understand that if you buy you are competing against guys that do not mind 'shorting' their 100 of a set to make their 5 USD on each for 6 months while you sit on your 4-5 until they run out.

  • Re: Toys R Us bankruptcy filing?

    This should surprise no one. TRU loves to overcharge on things like LEGO, and I cannot see how in getting a few people to overpay and shunning the vast numbers of those who look to pay retail or under is a good business model.
    As long as they get their bricktober batman figures in stock I could care less to be honest.
    Ill always have fond memories of going to TRU as a kid, but this has been a different store since the late 90's
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