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A Log Cabin in KY, United States
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A Log Cabin in KY, United States
  • Re: Questions about the forum


    Spam/No spam.


    Memes/No memes.

    I thought the original thread question was answered in the first two comments.

    Seriously, what in the world is all of this silly behavior everyone? I think there are much more trivial problems in this world that we could be spending our time on than this tiny, insignificant (and quite frankly petty) stuff that we keep bantering over on a little LEGO forum. 

    Yes, said "little LEGO forum" is near and dear to all of our hearts. For me, it's the only place I have to go to, to be a LEGO nerd with my LEGO friends. It's an incredible place with an amazing amount of diversity, accurately reflected in these types of conversations where we all have differing opinions.

    We talk about LEGO. We bicker. We laugh. We squabble. 

    To be corny, but also quite truthful... It's a family. The Brickset family. I wouldn't trade it for anything (except a white rangefinder)- the good and the bad. Just like any family I think sometimes it's best to recognize that we won't always get along about everything, and that eventually our goofy squabbles might start leading to more harm than good. 

    Perhaps there will be many that will disagree with me (and if so, just keep right on going), but I think we may have reached that point. I think it's high time that we move past the enjoyment/disappointment about lost memes, the disagreement/agreements about forum "likes", and other little petty fights that really aren't accomplishing anything other than trying to get under each other's skin...  and go back to talking about the little plastic brick that made us a family in the first place. 

  • Re: Dare I say, Walmart?

    Thanks @samiam391 but they're all $73 around me. :/

    @77ncaachamps - They're all floating at $73 around me too. At least they're still in stock though, keep your fingers crossed for a price drop!
  • Re: Dare I say, Walmart?

    pharmjod said:

    Work took me by an out of the way Wal-Mart with 4 Krennics shuttles for $54 each. They all came home with me.

    What is the UPC code you're using for Krennic?
    I've visited Brickseek but without that info, no go...

    @77ncaachamps - Happy to oblige.

    SKU: 51720894
    UPC: 673419248617
  • Re: What set is this from?

    teal93mr2 said:

    its in a couple of Atlantis sets

    ateague said:

    Wow thanks! Strange I don't have any of those sets....

    Maybe you have yet to discover it ;)
  • Re: Does a piece like this even exist?

    hopefully the below sort of illustrates it:

    |         _n_ 
    |         |   |
    |        /  /
    |____/   /

    Well that definitely illustrates... something.

    To try and actually be helpful, you could use two of:

    Lego Brick Arch 1 x 3 x 2 Curved Top

    And then one of:

    Part No 99781  Name Bracket 1 x 2 - 1 x 2

    Which would give you the J shape with studs facing up that you are trying to accomplish.

    Hope that helps!

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