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A Log Cabin in KY, United States
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A Log Cabin in KY, United States
  • FS (NA): SEALED NIB Sets- UCS Batmobile, Disney Castle, UCS Sandcrawler, Mixer, CMF S1, CMF S2

    Hi Ya'll,

    It's me yet again with a listing of NEW, all SEALED Sets.

    Shipping (US+NA):
    Shipping will be charged at cost. You will be invoiced after the item has been shipped so that you're only charged exact cost (S&H). There is combined shipping if you buy multiples. 

    Shipping without the box will be more expensive than shipping in the box.

    Pictures can be provided upon request.

    All prices are below the lowest USA new price on Bricklink and eBay! I make mistakes though, please let me know if you find a cheaper price.

    These sets are in excellent condition sealed in box, unless otherwise noted.

    #7784 UCS Batmobile- Some box wear, corner flaps have come loose along "cutting edge", but seals are still intact. $350
    #71040 Disney Castle X2- Excellent box- $300
    #75059 UCS Sandcrawler- Slight damage to box, seals still intact- $265
    #10224 Fairground Mixer- $200
    Series 1 Sealed Set of 16- $275
    Series 2 Sealed Set of 16- $175

    Let me know if you have any interest!


  • Re: Misprint Celebration Luke Price Check

    Thanks for the information guys, lets hope I can get the guy that offered me $65 dollars to buy it.
    It takes all kinds...
  • Re: Misprint Celebration Luke Price Check

    Dawn said:
    You can get one for $5 in the current market, so one with a smudge, probably around $3.
    I collect rare figures and that sounds about right. If you were hoping the smudge might make it a rare variant worth over $100+ or something, sorry, but that's simply not the case. The market for such figures is incredibly small and more often than not they all go for less than the original price.

    This "variant" is even more unappealing than most as it's, quite simply, a smudge. If I wanted I could give a 2 year old a sharpie and end up with about the same thing ;)
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours

    blogzilly said:
    redarmy said:
    I WISH i had turning 40 ahead of me :-(
    I heard that. Got 50 smacking me in the face this year. FIFTY. It's not right. There must be a clerical error. I play with toys, laugh at farts, watch 60 minute YouTube examinations of 2-minute Star Wars trailers. I have a BATMAN bathmat and a Spongebob traffic signal in my room, but I click my Imperial Red lightsaber lamp off every night at the side of the bed. No WAY I am turning 50.

    What thread was this again? ;)
    Age is just a number. :)

    If we're going by the suggested age on the box of the LEGO we buy, we're all roughly 12-16+. And in some cases 4+...
  • Re: UCS falcon rumours

    blogzilly said:
    Briking said:
    Over dinner this evening her ladyship was made aware I might need the dining table for 7,500 pieces.  Roll of eyes.  Then all hell broke lose.  My 14 year old informed me he is no longer interested in Lego.  What?  WHAT?  WTF???
    My 13 year old, whose birthday was just this past July, asked me if I WAS getting him LEGO not to give it to him in front of anybody. I asked why he said he was getting too old for it. I asked if he was as into it anymore, and he said..."Not really."

    I recognize this doesn't win me any Father of the Year Awards, but I looked at him over my steaming cup of spiced Chai Tea and said without skipping a beat "Can I have the sets you don't want anymore?"

    That Father of the Year Award will come in 10 years, when he is coming out of his first "Dark Age" and discovers that you still have all those sets.  
    But lets not kid ourselves, you aren't giving them back.
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