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  • Re: Marketplace Feedback for Buyers

    Great trade + purchase with @Muftak1. Thanks!
  • Re: My Winter Village Project

    @PapaBear A carousel in winter might not be a common sight near you, however here on the continent Christmas markets often have either a carousel or ferris wheel. Or both, like my local one:

    @Switchfoot55 The bright colours in the Friends sets are easy to mod out, at least on the outside. The inside requires a bit more work, but depending on how you'll display them the interior might not be visible? In that case you can either leave out the interior altogether or live with the pink inside as you will not see it (the approach I'm taking).
  • Re: The LEGO Ninjago Movie - an AFOL's Review

    Pacing was definitely a bit off, with lots of sections where not much was happening in either the action/comedy department. I can see how people might fall asleep.
    I still enjoyed it, but a lot less than TLM and TLBM. I will not be rushing to buy the blu-ray when it comes out, unless it comes with a very desirable polybag. A warrior outfit on a certain minifig would help...
  • Re: What's your LEGO 'status' today?

    Haven't been able to do much Lego-related over the past 1.5 months, as constructing a Lego room (and the house around said room) + work took priority.

    Fortunately on Saturday visiting a company involved in constructing our house took me close(ish) to Saarbrücken. In the local shopping centre people had been building sections of a ship over the past week in an attempt to break the world record of longest Lego ship. The result:


    750,000 bricks - give or take 20,000 I was told :)

    At 11.64m, the world record has apparently been broken. Which confuses me a bit, as wasn't last year's DFSF ferry @nexander @thebeermonkey and others built a bit over 12m? Or maybe it's a different category of "longest Lego ship"?

    Earlier in the week I had been told that my niece doesn't play with her friends/Elves sets anymore. Me sad :( However there was also good news, as for her birthday (she'll be 9 later this week) she wanted Technic instead. She had recently put somebody's small Technic set together, and had enjoyed that very much. Specifically she wanted #42065 RC Tracked Racer. Who am I to deny her that?!

    So a visit to the Saarbrücken Lego Store yielded the below:

    I had actually forgotten the calendar voucher for the Ninjago keychain, but was given it anyway when asking nicely :)

    Finally then went to see TLNM on Sunday. Not great, but still enjoyed it. All in all a good Lego weekend!
  • Re: Brickset Bonusball Bonanza - UK draw 13/10/2107

    Ancient Rome; Sulla or First Triumvirate?

    No Lego nor computers, but at least plumbing!
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